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  1. Name: asdasdasd123 Comment: Safekeep and escorting Formula is nice, but I don't see expenses for its rent. Means our gov bought it? Where is it now?
  2. lielie vepri ko jūs te dirš? @NoemiVic īstais valdnieks
  3. Add this thing and rest you can figure out.
  4. What else scriptwise is meeded besides that car is added to mdc? I'm just curious, not jumping anywhere. If you call 911 for stolen car and report it - that means they will get it into the system and show it as stolen. Is it not? I always though mdc does its scriptwise part in stolen car finding.
  5. Sounds like something really unrealistic. I hope this is not a thing. Why not just have option to call 911 and report stolen vehicle?
  6. *Reservations are only visible to AutoHub Employees and the person who placed the order* First name: Marat Last name: Altunyan Expected pick-up date: 15.05.2020. Phone number: 33389683 Vehicle: Sentinel Classic Notes:
  7. Sound and video engineer for live shows.
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