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  1. Archix

    50K for Bati
  2. Why can't we have ragdoll?
  3. I really hope we get new car moding systems and what not aand vehicle keep us posted @Nervous maybe do sneak peaks like usualy!
  4. Archix

  5. Archix

  6. Character name: Francesca D'Angelo UCP name: Archix (Discord name?): HellaFchukwu ? #8401 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 1256 Location of property (address or screenshot of map : 1234 Mirror Park Boulevard Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony ,backdoor, business TP, etc): Backdoor
  7. Character Name: Francesca D'Angelo Forum Name: Archix (Discord Name?): HellaFchukwu ?#8401 Property ID (of your house): 1256 Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): I would like to have the ID: 27. But I do realize it is a bit too big for the exterior. The only grudge I have with the currently available single door garages is that they are too dark or too trashed. Since my character is a Police officer in LSPD and also a petrolhead I don't think it would be fitting to have a cluttered or dark garage. So I want to get ID 27 and used walls to make it small to fit the outside if that's possible. If not possible, I will accept ID: 26. the interior. Location of property (address or screenshot of the map: 1234 Mirror Park Boulevard Screenshot of the exterior of your house/garage:
  8. Character Name: Francesca D'Angelo Forum Name: Archix Discord Name: HellaFchukwu ? #8401 Property ID: 1256 Property Type (House/Business): House Number of Interior You Want on the List: #11 Green Apartment Price of Interior: $ 25000 Location of Property: 1234 Mirror Park Boulevard Screenshot of the Exterior of your house: I, ARCHIX, have the cash on hand and I am ready to receive the property request change. I agree with all the rules and understand that I may be subject to denial/punishment if I disobey the rules.
  9. Archix

    I personally had an issue with this I pulled over a person and Double checked they have fines I requested back up stating that I got one outstanding fine. A unit arrived on the scene and he checked MDC and told me that there are no fines. At first, I thought it was a glitch in the MDC but later I found out you can pay your fines anytime anywhere I am all up for it.