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  1. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 22 XMR typos fixed. @Mike Tutorial will now be shown to all users with no characters unless clicked "Finish". @Everett
  2. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 21 Updated the time showed in the sidebar. @Mike Updated tutorial logic. @Mike Donation page & gifting was made in a clearer manner. @Everett
  3. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 20 Fixed online time count in character/user views. @Mike Display rent price for non-rentable properties. @Mike UCP homepage changes. @Everett Face Attributes are now available on character view. @Mike
  4. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 19 Fixed issues with admin record not showing properly. @Everett Fixed ban dates not showing properly in user view. @Mike
  5. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 20 "My Tickets" will only appear if you've created any help tickets. @Mike Improved character & user page front-end. @Everett Fixed various text errors. @Franelli
  6. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 19 Fixed XMR page issues. @Everett You can now see your help tickets in a tabular view (http://ucp.gta.world/help/tickets) @Mike Fixed missing text from character view. @Mike
  7. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 20 Fixed status page (status.gta.world). @Everett XMR list is not visible for players with pending/approved requests. @Franelli Safe information + inventory in character page. @Mike New e-mail template for new members. @Everett You will now have to choose your main address on the UCP if you own a property. @Mike Non-staff players will now be able to access their vehicle pages. @Everett A link to the discord/forum linking guide has been added to the "What's this" popup. @Everett
  8. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 19 Fixed issues with certain property/vehicle pages not showing. @Mike Fix previous/next buttons' text disappearing when filling out the application. @Mike Added an ability to edit your XMR request. @Mike Added property owner in property page. @Franelli Donation page design changes. @Everett
  9. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 19 New donation packages page. @Everett FD will now be able to access the 911 map. @Everett
  10. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 19 Added previous button to applications (to return to previous question). @Mike Now the station list will be visible to everyone in the XMR page. @Franelli
  11. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 19 24 hour cool-down period between character deletions. @Everett If your application was denied and you create a new one, you will get the same questions & the answers auto-filled from the last application. @Everett Fixed admin names not displaying in various areas on character view. @Franelli A link to the property/vehicle has been added on character view under Vehicles/Properties. @Franelli A list of XMR stations has been added to the XMR page. @Franelli
  12. Archived (will be handled directly).
  13. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 19 Bank transfers were temporarily removed due to an internal issue. @Mike Property page access issues were fixed. @Mike Character's phone number has been added in character view under phone contacts. @Franelli Broken links to businesses in character pages were fixed. @Franelli Facebrowser link has been added to the sidebar. @Everett Minor design changes in the donation page (payment provider logos). @Everett Non-matching icons in some sidebar links were changed. @Everett
  14. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 18 Limit UCP name-changes to English characters only & plate changers to alpha-numeric characters. @Franelli Friends system with an ability to see friends who are currently playing. @Franelli You will now remain logged in for longer without the system logging you out. @Franelli Bank transactions on character view. @Mike Removed the random N/A appearing above the badges for some users. @Everett Additional faction page functions & faster loading times. @Everett Applicants will now have their previous answers automatically filled when re-trying to apply after getting denied. @Everett
  15. Everett

    UCP v2 - Revision 17 Added support for users with no characters in the help system. @Everett Fixed character removal. @Everett Fixed record visibility restrictions in character view. @Mike Added server record in user view. @Mike Added property ID in property view. @Mike Fixed broken property pages with no tenants/owner & inventory text not showing up. @Mike Fixed properties with no items bugging out. @Everett