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  1. One of the remakes that I really enjoyed working on! What do you guys think? 🙂
  2. Everett

    Just heard about it recently 😄 I think it should be pretty straightforward... if you want to use Menyoo to take some cool pictures of your character with different clothes/poses/etc' then it's all good! Heck, even animations which do not exist on the server... why not? Showing off with guns/cars you don't have and other things of this nature? Probably not a good idea!
  3. Everett

    Changelog will now be posted on https://ucp.gta.world/changelog only.
  4. GTA WORLD - WEB QUALITY ASSURANCE TESTER APPLICATION The Web Development team is looking for a Web Quality Assurance Tester in order to work in coordination with the web development team. Please make sure you meet the requirements below before applying. The position requirements are as follows: Basic knowledge of standard web applications & web technologies (HTML, CSS) Attention to small details Ability to understand technical guidelines & test features accordingly Good communication skills Good-to-have: Experience in optimizing web pages for different devices Experience in HTML/CSS/Javascript Experience in similar position(s), including: QA-related positions UI/UX Tester Tester How to apply: Send the following form to @Everett via forum PM:
  5. Everett

    I finally met TeodoraMk @YB 😄
  6. Everett

    UCP Changelog 3.3.9 -> https://ucp.gta.world/changelog
  7. Something I did just for fun, what do you guys think? :)
  8. Hope you guys like it!
  9. Everett

    Check out my new track! Graphics by @InsolitumIn
  10. Everett

    UCP Changelog 3.3.6 -> https://ucp.gta.world/changelog
  11. Everett

    Will be implemented next push. Thanks :)
  12. Everett

  13. Everett

    Check out my new track inspired by Brooks :)
  14. Everett

    You mean for faction leaders?
  15. Everett

    Hi, Why do you need this?