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  1. Archived (will be handled directly).
  2. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 19 Bank transfers were temporarily removed due to an internal issue. @Mike Property page access issues were fixed. @Mike Character's phone number has been added in character view under phone contacts. @Franelli Broken links to businesses in character pages were fixed. @Franelli Facebrowser link has been added to the sidebar. @Everett Minor design changes in the donation page (payment provider logos). @Everett Non-matching icons in some sidebar links were changed. @Everett
  3. Everett

    UCP v3 - Revision 18 Limit UCP name-changes to English characters only & plate changers to alpha-numeric characters. @Franelli Friends system with an ability to see friends who are currently playing. @Franelli You will now remain logged in for longer without the system logging you out. @Franelli Bank transactions on character view. @Mike Removed the random N/A appearing above the badges for some users. @Everett Additional faction page functions & faster loading times. @Everett Applicants will now have their previous answers automatically filled when re-trying to apply after getting denied. @Everett
  4. Everett

    UCP v2 - Revision 17 Added support for users with no characters in the help system. @Everett Fixed character removal. @Everett Fixed record visibility restrictions in character view. @Mike Added server record in user view. @Mike Added property ID in property view. @Mike Fixed broken property pages with no tenants/owner & inventory text not showing up. @Mike Fixed properties with no items bugging out. @Everett
  5. Everett

    UCP v2 - Revision 16 Help system (https://ucp.gta.world/help) @Everett 911 map restricted for PD only. @Everett New error page & whoops page with information on what to do. @Everett
  6. Everett

    UCP v2 - Revision 15 Tutorial for new users. @Mike @Everett Fixed errors in certain characters in character view. @Everett Fixed application retry button. @Mike New design for application results & ban page. @Everett Business pages for business owners. @Mike Fixed maps on property/business pages. @Everett
  7. Everett

    Good luck!!
  8. Everett

    Will be forwarded, thanks.
  9. Everett

    UCP v2 - Revision 14 Improved detection of incorrect discord IDs. @Everett
  10. Everett

    The feature is now available through the UCP on the settings page, forum section 🙂
  11. Everett

    UCP v2 - Revision 13 Forum namechanging through UCP. @Everett
  12. Everett

    UCP v2 - Revision 12 Black Friday has ended! Prices returned back to normal. @Everett Changes to World Point packages. @Everett
  13. Everett

    UCP v2 - Revision 11 Fixed server record to display accurate date. @Mike Fixed not being able to donate on Firefox. @Mike Added businesses on character view. @Everett
  14. How to link your forum account Linking your forum account to your UCP account will not only show your username and a bit of your profile on your UCP page, but will also allow you to redeem your gold donator forum rank if you are a donator! Follow these simple steps to get it done. Step 1 - Finding your UCP UID & Applying it on your forum account (1 minute): 1. Press your account name on the top right corner of the UCP and click on "Settings". 2. Look at the URL and find the number that appears in it, this is your UCP UID. 3. Go to your forum profile and click "Edit Profile". 4. Scroll down and type in the UID. Then click "Save". Step 2 - Linking your forum account to your UCP account. 1. Take a look at the URL after saving your profile, look for a number like this: 2. Copy the number. 3. Navigate to "Edit Profile" and paste the ID you copied on the previous step in the Forum Account ID box, then press link: Optional - Claiming your Gold Donator rank. 1. Navigate to your UCP user's settings page as described on Step 1. 2. Look under the "Forums" widget and locate the yellow box: 3. Click "Claim Groups". All done! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message.
  15. Everett

    Is she gonna marry Putin?