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  1. Serious note however. I really do not see the problem people are bringing up. I have a wealthy character, and in no way am I just 'getting richer'. I'm paying taxes and its (for me) equalling out the wealth gap. It's moving to realism, if you don't like it. There's always tax evasion (get that penal code some use). And on the subject of tax evasion, if you wanted to RP wealthy you'd be able to properly do it. Since almost all companies IRL have found ways to abuse loopholes in the system I'm sure you can too.
  2. I didn't want to weigh in here. The people who have the money on this server, ironically, aren't grinders (a few exceptions). I don't agree with this, stuff added are not designed to hinder players ability to be rich. If poor people didn't try to jump into the fastest most expensive car on the market, they won't get hit by taxes. And rich people (to whom I have interacted) try to buy a lot of fancy stuff to buff out their characters, and will eventually grow poorer. I hope to have the spread sheet finished, I just need to test the jobs out myself and gather a few more details from businesses.
  3. Mecovy

    100 percent absolutely yes. Let it snow and let it snow hard. -edited out most of it. If not might as well be Australia and go to the beach for Christmas lmao. Get ya bikinis out everyone.
  4. Mecovy

    final one before i go, adios hombre
  5. Mecovy

    happy birthday
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    (sorry for the double post, dumping my ss' before i go oversea's.)
  7. Mecovy

    Hi all, Just informing any interested party, I leave for the arctic in less than 12 hours, meaning this faction will be on absence for the next week. On return I have various projects lined up alongside the LSPD and GOV.
  8. Mecovy

    Your shit looks clean, but pls dust your phone. where as; i really need to clean, i wont lie
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    Handled ig.