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  1. Mecovy

    Can't mess with the best.
  2. Mecovy

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  4. Mecovy

    ((Send all PM's to myself, titled Weazel News App - [Your name]. ))
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  7. Mecovy

    Higher up on the admins have seen them. Trying to provoke me into releasing screenshots will not work. Nor will trying to 'highlight' your case via discord repeatedly. Screenshots in their raw form have reached parties to reassure the decision and until I believe you are ready then this ban holds. And why do I believe this? When you started trolling on a scene I could've been anyone, a PD member, a detective or just a random player dressed fancy. Then I was forced to announce who I was via the admin duty due to the nature of your demeanor on the scene. And somehow despite all common sense you decided you would double down and demand I release you on standard chat, used for ROLEPLAYING. And based on this, it appears that is something you are outright unable to do. In life every action, from particles to the bigger picture, has a reaction/consequence. This is yours. I want you to take two weeks. And I want you to figure out precisely the demeanor required to maintain a position on a strict RP server such as ours. Then and only then will you be subject to the agreement I make with people I ban. Re-appeal in 2 weeks.
  8. Mecovy

    So the entire string of conversation we had on that curb was just didn't happen? And the screenshots I took were just figments of my imagination?
  9. Mecovy

    Will keep this open for your reply
  10. what's up

    1. Mecovy


      eh its the inactive mayor 😉

  11. Mecovy

  12. Mecovy

    Right, sorry it's taken a while. I've combed through some of the logs of the event and come to the following conclusion. From what I see, Carlito you sent out some very provocative PM's which were not caught on the video there. Following the lines of "Are you actually going to Roleplay this time" etc. You've had previous interactions with admins for your attitude previously, so consider this the final warning to yourself. As for yourself Brooks, try not to be provoked as easily. If you feel someone is trying to provoke you, report them instantly instead of replying and digging yourself deeper into the hole. Report Closed.
  13. User: Guest001268 Comment; I find this R&R interesting as the only two stories they have developed has been rushing to the aid of a stripper or it's club. Fascinating. I guess unbiased news really is dead.