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  1. Mecovy

  2. Short description: Put an end to the pay to win advertisement system we have currently. And by pay to win I mean OOC pay to win. Detailed description: Right now the current system is nothing short of pay to allow players to find your business. It restricts how businesses can open and creates an atmosphere of people spamming /bad just to try beat everyone else to get the blip placed. This isn't right, its introducing OOC elements of transactions into IC RP. Like RP, people have access to google maps/ apple maps or an LS equivalent which allows people to see all businesses open or closed. We need a system like that, not the nightmare we have currently. We should be able to have blips perm for businesses not just 24/7's or businesses. And they'd light up green when open like the current selection we have. Commands to add: Have /CAD and /BAD linked to a blip already placed, which lights up green when an ad is placed, for 30 minutes, or go green when someone starts shift. Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? It stops the OOC pay to win situation that is /badblip right now. Additional information:
  3. Mecovy

    I feel like @Moonsong needs a shout out, been a tester longer than I've been on this server I swear. Keep goin bro, you'll get there I believe in you.
  4. Mecovy

    A thread where I can post the screenshots for Denzel Jenkins, aka DJ. A proper thread will be constructed soon.
  5. Mecovy

    Awesome stuff, good luck
  6. Mecovy

    We're rebranding post situation, we're now known as Infinity Medical Holdings, I've taken the role as CEO and Director permanently and we'll be editing the entire topic shortly to reflect the new situation.