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  1. Mecovy

    I'm not sure if FM will rework it and make it able to function, but when I retired last June it was in a poor state following a series of reforms some individuals put forward.
  2. Mecovy

    As a regular player, I regularly get in contact with the government. Just because they're not doing public works every week, or making constant speeches doesn't mean they're not about. As for Serendippity she's probably the single most active government employee IG, unsure about behind the scenes but she is literally /ALWAYS/ on and I commend that. As for Legislature, its being worked on and has been for like a year. Hence why there are three district reps so far preparing a city council (afaik). Elections, if you led a faction that was still being set up, you wouldn't want to run elections until all the required provisions are in place. However a compromise of elections for deputy mayor could well be a start to beginning the cycle (Test out provisions and how elections would actually work.) There's my two cents on the posts which keep appearing.
  3. Mecovy

    I'm going over and reading the responses, and my jaw is lowered. Helicopters are some of the best deterrents any police force can have. 2. explain the logic. Insurances goes to gov, gov gives money to pd, pd spends some of that money on insurances, which goes to gov... There's something inherently flawed in that idea. So instead, logically people created the SAEXMPT, which means any government agency doesn't have to go through a cycle. Tracing its wildly done IRL, if you want realism then i will be happy to see you write up a suggestion allowing us to be able to wiretap peoples complete text and call history, and even listen in! any other points? 🙂
  4. Username:Blank123 Comment: Hopefully the private army will crumble.
  5. Mecovy

    Screenshots and stuff.
  6. Mecovy

  7. Mecovy

    @Cascade McGiggles for just being a happy cheerful person. We love u McGiggles.
  8. Mecovy

    It's unusual, it happens intermittently now. It makes no sense.
  9. Mecovy

    An update for the public. Over the holidays I have been absent and decided to step down as the Chairman, and instead, elevate Karol ( @Tsarna ) to the role of Chairman for the republican party. He is now the point of contact for the organization.
  10. To clarify I said it was briefly discussed for FD and it was a firm no, private is fair game but would need to go via legal FM ofc. Vitta, summed it up perfectly.
  11. Hi again bud, hospitals were declined from the server/lsfd as it does not make sense right now to do. Whilst I know and understand your background as the person who trained you, its just not a state where it could be done yet. Priority still stands on FM working with the LSFD on its areas and introduction of a prison/SD and coroner faction. But one thing I know for sure is hospitals will never be part of the LSFD, as for the overall climate on the server its unsure if the demand is there by affected players.