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  1. Mecovy

    that's a solid no vote from me.
  2. Mecovy

    Thank you! As one of the oldest factions for GTA W, it closed down mid 2018 after it became clear the RP scene in Sandy was fading out. However now it seems to be revived and there's plenty of community RP to be had, I feel its fitting to stage a return. The factions core members are there, bar Billie, and will begin to return to its old activities. Should you have any questions about the group my PM's are open.
  3. Mecovy

    Right. All you appear to have done is make the font smaller.
  4. Mecovy

    Bumped, events could be anything from a beer festival, to a massive city event. So long as it adhere's to realism and provides roleplay, we'd be happy to make it happen.
  5. Mecovy

  6. Mecovy

  7. Mecovy

    Ban lifted, chopper has been removed.
  8. Mecovy

    Right, I seem to remember the situation which led to you being banned involving some government helicopter given to you on a contract, not entirely sure on the details. But I remember them trying to seize it from you and you saying you'd rather be banned. So I've spoken to Eyebrows and I will allow you to return, but we will be deleting that helicopter from your faction and sending it to the abyss. If you speak/act like that again on the server, there won't be another chance. Do you accept these terms?
  9. Mecovy

  10. Mecovy

    You'll be allowed back IG in a week from now. I believe it will be good for you to take a little bit of time to truly understand the situation. Your forum ban and discord ban will remain and you'll need to appeal to Rybyn/Pascal
  11. Mecovy

    Same one but improve its grammar.
  12. Mecovy