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  1. Mecovy

    At least this one isn't softcore porn.
  2. ah yes, softcore porn, a trademark of a respectable news outlet
  3. (( http://prnews.altervista.org/rascal-if-their-age-is-on-the-clock-hide-them-from-rascal/)) **Comments enabled**
  4. ((Unclipped story here; http://prnews.altervista.org/saints-news-a-crusade-against-malpractice/ )) **Comments Enabled**
  5. ((Apologies for the different photo sizes, full story available: http://prnews.altervista.org/the-first-post )) **No comments enabled.**
  6. I'll continue writing soon. Probably refine it too.
  7. Mecovy

    It was a pleasure to serve as an admin for a year and a half, I wish you luck for the future folk.
  8. I'll draft something up in the next few days.
  9. hi im here, do people want my feedback on it all for my service time in weazel or whatsup
  10. Hey old friend, how ya doin.

    1. Mecovy


      am good brother


  11. But why retired?

  12. Name: Podhajna Comment: Whilst a good piece of writing, would it not be more sensitive to the topic at hand to release said story without 3 advertisements? Since its quite a dark topic to raise on the harassment of women, I feel like advertisements lessen its impact.
  13. Mecovy

    FearnR and Cascade my absolute baes. Well done!