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  1. I hope this is able to send a message to those thinking of sending hateful messages, false accusations or using internet anonymity to harass others. Mental health is not a joke, and its when people take a stand do we finally move towards countering the issue of individuals not acting mature in a setting like this.
  2. Username: Dr Danielle Shaw Amount Donated: $15,000 (Optional) Comment: Here's to a working future together with the foundation of the South LS Community Center and the Davis Church. By the father, son and the holy spirit we will make a difference to this world.
  3. That sounds like the opposite of a good idea, yes 95% of people are going to be mildly corrupt in office. There's a reason the term waste management consultant exists, but it shouldn't be the over arching theme of their time in office.
  4. refer to my earlier comment, if you consider the wider playerbase, and the fact that less than 60% of the server use facebrowser AFAIK, and those "lesbians" make up maybe 40% or less of FB, the odds of them winning a 51% majority to win is severely unlikely. I just hope people don't manipulate/ buy votes oocly.
  5. A mayor is absolutely vital to both illegal and legal RP. They pay government based factions, sign in laws, address public issues, ultimately decide how much funds will be given to businesses. Set up special economic area's (i.e the beach as ik someones gonna bring that up), decide the future direction of the government under their term (6 month+) and THEN after all that's done, go IG and provide regular interactions. I shit on the last gov because they didn't even respond to contact requests (see LSNN who've been waiting since 2019 for a reply). I respect the severity of the role and all that it holds. As I mentioned to you in PMs, its harder than you think.
  6. No role should I agree, but that's idealism not realism. A sad reality that any role will require a level of OOC work depending on the roles overall importance in the server.
  7. Not really though, there's no historical evidence of that happening. People shit on Rakesh Namir being the prime example, but in his policies and his reforms, the guy actually did a pretty decent job of things. I've never seen a historical example of what your describing happen.
  8. I'd argue unless you are absolutely confident in your abilities and having experience in a large scale server before, I'd wait and instead try climb the ranks of the new government to get a feel of the workload before you sign yourself up to such an extreme task. There's probably only a few people I would ever say is capable of such a task. @Eriks being the top of my list.
  9. I thought that once, but a leader leads by example, not by having people do things for them.
  10. If someone tries to use OOC friends to win a position, absolutely guarantee they'd get banned. In the grand scheme of the server, ricers make up maybe 25%, you need 50% to win. There are other groups /far/ larger absolutely DWARFING 99.9% of organized ricer roleplayers.
  11. Yes, because people lie. Without going into examples sadly a lot of people can lie and manipulate and act like a wolf in sheeps clothing. It wouldn't be LFM's fault but it would be disastrous
  12. That's not even my worry, my worry is some mobster shows up, somehow wins and absolutely buries all legal factions except their own legal fronts (or doesnt give all legal factions fair chances and only picks those which are their friends.) I've seen this type of S*** happen and it gives me nightmares if it happens here. To address this, a COO/City Manager as its normally referred too. They have to make sure the licensing codes are in order, respond to licensing apps, post job applications, work as the direct liaison with all departments, host meetings, provide targets (non political) and essentially make sure the government runs minus all the political chest beating which is associated with a mayoral role. It is truly one of the single most stressful but also single most important role anyone can have on a server, even beating out the mayor or even the Chief of Police in my eyes.
  13. The same time, that alters the dynamic uncomfortably. As if it was elected for state gov, then every department leader could be fired/replaced. Which is FM's job, not a random citizen who got lucky's job.
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