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  1. Mecovy

    Oddly enough I actually think it wasn't MSAA's fault, it was Intel/Windows. I've hard clocked my CPU to 4.8 GHz from 4.2 (dynamic) and I can run 8x without any frame loss at all.
  2. Mecovy

    Here's mine; accessed here; https://www.spotify.com/uk/wrapped/
  3. Mecovy

    Its brought on after about 30 minutes of consecutive game play. And it occurs in sandy also.
  4. Mecovy

    The thread was lacking a bit of activity, so here's some random nvidia ansel flexes
  5. Mecovy

    It's mentioned in my disclaimer section why this was done. We have internal council chamber meetings discussing such policies all the time.
  6. Mecovy

    Founded in 1854, the American Republican Party (Grand Old Party) has been around for over 150 years. Propelled into dominance with the famous President Abraham Lincoln, the party pushed for an end to slavery and economic reform to the country. However, around the 1960's the political 'base 'of the party shifted from being the wealthy north to the conservative south. This was echoed by the party's politics shifting to a more conservative 'right'. Today the party has revamped its efforts to gain a seat in the politics of Los Santos, running under a modern platform of expanding 2nd (A) rights, economic policy in line with the legalization of Marijuana and a "business lottery" to who is able to open a dispensary and in what district they can do so in. Incumbent Chair Daniel Cunningham Who's involved? Core Members; Head of Party; Daniel Cunningham ((Mecovy)) Deputy Chair: Karol Zarnavic ((Tsarna)) Campaign Manager: Oswald Halford ((Nexus)) Party Spokesman: Dean Bell ((UTOPIA)) Blaine County Representative: Leeroy Miller ((DLimit)) Party Member: Isaac D'Israeli ((Justitiae)) Campaign Manager: Scarlet Garcia Head of Security: Douglas Sullivan Non Core supporters/Staff Personal Assistant: Shannon Beasley ((Pruto)) Private Investigation: R.C Deputy Chair Karol Zarnavic What's the party standing for? The Republican Party (GOP) is an economically right party with notable attempts made to 'keep up with the times', mainly marijuana legalization. The party overwhelmingly stands for support of guns and allowing more freedom for people to be able to wield guns and protect their property. The party is also championing a reform to the way business aid will be distributed with grants being given and treated as loans, being repaid based on the amount borrowed and profits that a business achieves. You can view our official Agenda below; HERE ((OOC Stuff)) So with setting up this party, all involved hope to be able to create a realistic portrayal of politics to bring to the server. Research has been done into how the party functions IRL including agreed on changes of policy for quality of life. We only conduct party recruitment ICly so seeking to get involved by contacting me OOC will simply not work. The thread is also going to be continuously under work, as with the progression and development of the party we will be able to add new things to our thread. Any complaints about the party I ask that they are directed to me and I will seek to respond to them within 48 hours, but I hope it won't come to that. A final disclaimer in regards to The Republican Party, we are aware that the policies may not be entirely in line with what is historically sought of when you see a Republican. By doing our research into state/municipal politics, we found the agenda of each party shifts to fit the demographics. So whilst this strikes few similarities to its Federal counterpart, its policies are forged on the every liberalizing ideas of the servers demographic. Where applicable we follow traditional Republican social policy, however, stances on topics such as abortion are null within LS as no one is pregnant.
  7. A Thread for placing SS's of D.Cunningham
  8. Mecovy

    old benchmark : https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/20203978 new benchmark https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/22220452
  9. So since about a week ago, I could rock about with 8x MSAA on an Intel i7 7700k, 1080, 16bg ram build. But since I can barely run 2x MSAA without lagging, 8x MSAA is a mere 4fps for me. Is anyone else having this trouble, and if so do you have a fix?
  10. Mecovy

    I appreciate @Cascade for her hard work ethic and dedication to trying her best.
  11. As mentioned, its fully upgraded with a new hood, rear bumper front bumper and sleek spoiler. Market value is around 550 I do believe however the vehicle will not be sold for that considering to register the car costs over 175k. The amount spent to get the car to it's current level is around 720k, so the lowest reasonable price I will accept as an offer is 575k