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  1. A very interesting point @pateuvasiliu and to a degree you're correct. The issue is that the actual purchasing and installing of the capture device might still be made up, which is what makes it contentious. Keep in mind also that the quality of the film, the angle that the film is capturing etc comes into dubious circumstances too. Alas, OOC permission is required to get rid of this type of perpetual argument.
  2. Paddy

    Realism within PD?

    I think that there will always be concerns that can crop up when it comes to how the law enforcement factions operate and checks and balances will always be continually assessed to ensure that the day to day running of the server from a balance perspective is as beneficial to all as it can be. The argument pertaining to the use of the helicopter is one that will never reach a majority consensus because opinions vary based entirely on what you want to believe the LSPD is most influenced by in it's makeup. If, like me, you bathe in the ideal that it's most closely tied to the LAPD, then the use of the helicopter (of which the LAPD actually maintain 19 helicopters and one fixed wing aircraft [REFERENCE]) is not an uncommon occurrence. If however you feel that the LSPD is a totally unique concept and draws no influence from any real life department whatsoever, then that opinion becomes murky. Law Enforcement across the US is not unified in it's approach to the use of air support, simply because various States, Counties and Municipalities vary in size, funds and personnel. The LAPD is not the same as Des Moines PD in Iowa, which in turn is larger than Loup County Sheriff's Office in Nebraska. To then argue outright that the use of a helicopter is black-and-white unrealistic is bold at best. The argument about tracing is somewhat dubious, given that a great deal of what is being said is based on assumption, rather than any degree of concrete evidence. That said, people who feel they have fallen victim to the use of tracing are unlikely to listen to reasoning. @aldo is one such example: I feel that it's somewhat important to note that this statement isn't actually based off of any water-tight testing or rigorous testing, but rather is a knee-jerk reaction to the verdict offered in this forum report. I appreciate that some may feel frustrated by tracing and I'll reiterate that it's difficult for some to accept the statements of those within the LSPD faction, but it's a highly regulated and highly restricted tool and isn't simply used willy-nilly. To be a little more blunt however, I will state this: Those of you who state you have reliable sources in the LSPD are providing malicious fabrications. You should reconsider your position on the matter. Use of force, like most other issues raised, is not a simple thing and continuously needs reviewed. If you honestly feel that the use of force adopted surpasses the limits of realism, you can make use of the Roleplay Report Form provided on the LSPD forum to report it direct to the faction. If you're not satisfied with the outcome of such a report, you're more than able to report a faction member here to address it with a member of community staff. Having it be debated here with no tangible point of reference doesn't help, and only ends up clouding the issue into a murky whirlpool of bitterness, as has been demonstrated here. The argument pertaining to Police fleet insurance is a farce and any amount of low-effort research will show you that they are exempt. The pettiness of even putting this forward is bemusing. In summary, I think it's important to keep in mind that we're all here for the common cause of roleplaying. Yes, there are competitive aspects to that and nobody would fault you for looking to seek fairness in the competitive aspects, but I think that the points raised here are extremely subjective and not totally based on egregious faults from the LSPD faction, but moreso derive from annoyance from certain scenes in which you lost out on. To that end, I don't think there's a tremendous amount that @Big_Smokes can do to remedy your situation. Have a look at the links I provided. Perhaps those will be a better port-of-call that a bandwagon topic such as this one.
  3. Be sure to check out the Code 6-Adam series that is now available on youtube.


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  4. Code 6-Adam PLAYLIST
  5. 134th Annual General Meeting Agenda Confirmed What is going to be changed?
  6. Paddy

    FIFA 20

    I typically only play FIFA with my brother on Friendlies. Never got into online play or anything like that (mind you, with PC being my main source of gaming I don't subscribe to console online packages so I don't have access to it). I have fun with FIFA one-off matches because there's nothing to lose. It means I can laugh at the bugs that occur quite often in the game, rather than tear my hair out. I imagine if I invested money into it like a lot of people do, I would be a lot more frustrated with it. It is after-all, an unfinished game. It has been for years, and the only reason EA get away with that is because there isn't any other real football game competitor out there, with PES struggling to get sufficient licensing to make it immersive enough for most players. It's not just the standard bugs that are there either. There's clear laziness around the development of this game. You can find the Summary of the law changes by IFAB by clicking here. There is quite a lot in there, and not one change is reflected in the new FIFA. Maybe I'm just too picky because I'm a football referee and the issues surrounding the game stick out like a sore thumb for me, but EA have neglected this game for far too long. The new futsal stuff is cute, but I would have liked them to fix the main game first. /rant
  7. Paddy


    Not the typical kind of game that makes it's way to the gaze of some, but this is one I found particularly interesting and surprisingly difficult. Unrailed! (Steam) Anybody else play this one? If so, tell us about it: Record length Favorite/Least Favorite Theme Favorite Wagon I've got around 500m so far. My favorite wagon is the Dynamite Wagon by a distance, followed by the Ghost Wagon. Also I hate the Halloween theme with a passion.
  8. Paddy

    Banning System.

    There have been other servers that have adopted this type of system in addition to things like admin jails, kicks and so on. It's been called other things, like Probation, or anything else that an admin may have saw fit. The issue with this is that tests like this typically don't help if it's based on one particular incident for a number of reasons. The one incident may have limitations as to how rigorously it can be assessed. The correct responses may well be learned and regurgitated, thus showing no true sign of the player improving. The alternative then is an ongoing public assessment of the player, asking them to check in with a member of staff to show how they are contributing post-ban. The problem with this kind of system is that it is needlessly demeaning for a player and in the end can cause that player to lapse into bad behavior through frustration, or simply leave altogether. The system in place now (ie ajails, kicks etc) serve a purpose of stating that misconduct has occurred and a sanction has been imposed, without prolonging the indignity for the player who committed the offence. I think we should always strive not to embarrass somebody for making a mistake, or making bad decisions.
  9. This is what I was suggesting be avoided, as you end up legislating to the n'th degree. I presume this is why the rule was brought in originally. If you try and introduce leeway it becomes too difficult to enforce because everybody will contest every ruling by an admin. With the current system such contesting doesn't happen because it's black and white.
  10. I do admit that it is a broad sweeping brush to tar everybody with, and would say that it's not a good rule to have if it were the only factor at play. I do think however that with the ambiguity about where you draw the line in terms of the legality of ads, or where you draw the line in terms of quality or broader realism with these ads (the ones describing appearance etc are the most glaring), then it becomes murky. Having this rule, while it doesn't necessarily suit everyone, erases that grey area.
  11. Again, you make some good points, but I do feel obliged to point out that people making ads selling houses/vehicles do have the money, unlike the people seeking employment. The money lies within the asset they are selling, and from a character development perspective, it would strike me to be the case that a person with assets that they can offload and still hold an element of comfort, has a well established bank balance. The person who seeks employment strikes me as somebody who doesn't. I do take what you're saying on board though. It's subjective and perhaps there is no right or wrong answer within the scope of this particular aspect of the debate. There are however other aspects, like where we draw the line about legality and at what point it is too grey to interject. At least with a rule of this nature it's black and white and everybody knows where they stand in terms of what they can and can't post.
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