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  1. Red

    I like what you've got going on here, awesome idea, good luck!
  2. Red

    The duo stealing stuff to sell for money after Ron's injury.
  3. wowee I'm a busy bee

  4. Red

    according to the first quiz that popped up on Google, House Targaryen I've never seen the show but that seems neat I guess
  5. Red

    Somebody I always remember even if it seems I've forgotten, and I'm still heartbroken about not replying on Facebrowser but it's been so long it's a meme now sholder come back
  6. Red

    Playing forum games. ?
  7. Red

    You seem like a friendly person that I'd probably want to know to compliment better.
  8. Red

    But that's okay
  9. Red

    Banned for not using imagination.