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  1. #Emil

    Love it, I know you will take it far!
  2. #Emil

    I use these, they work great for me.
  3. #Emil

  4. #Emil

    Hello, so I have been trying to get a vehicle modification done. I've managed to create a dlc.rpf file with the replacement files for the schafter3. I've encrypted it using ArchiveFix. But somehow I manage to do something wrong and let me tell you I am getting frustrated. After several attempts and several times reinstalling GTA. I have decided to ask the forums, is there anyone who would be willing to assist me with this and point me in the right direction? I would greatly appreciate any help, thanks!
  5. #Emil

  6. #Emil

    Love the idea!
  7. #Emil

  8. #Emil

    I cant really remember sorry, I was just on there briefly before I hopped on LSRP. I did roleplay some with a MS13 set which was set up in the nw parts of Los Santos on LSRP. Then I was with Southbridge on LSRP.
  9. #Emil

  10. #Emil

    I began RPing on Valhalla about 2011 or so, moved on to LSRP about 2012 when I finally wrote an acceptable application. Man those were the days 🙂
  11. #Emil

  12. #Emil

    Fantastic thread ✌️
  13. #Emil

    Very well put together, love it