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  1. #Emil

    Crime roleplay is well and thriving, you just have to distance yourself from those who you consider the "problem". There are many good potential spots in LS where you can set up. ❤️
  2. #Emil

    Looking good wood
  3. #Emil

    Put in a request for a faction request, I've heard that some people don't like when post a faction thread in this part of the forums. I like the idea however, Anyhow goodluck, we need more white G's ❤️
  4. #Emil

    And who says they can't bring something new to the table?
  5. #Emil

    You're doing such a good job pissing people off even I get tired of your character, just from reading the dialog. Anyhow looks great and probably the only one I'm following. Big ups, bossman!
  6. #Emil

    Yasin the don, kör hårt grappar. Go hard boys
  7. #Emil

    every1? On topic: Have fun and take it far 😉
  8. #Emil

    Love it, I know you will take it far!