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  1. I can't honestly see any work around this issue. Forcing a rule upon the community for an ID check up wouldn't work as sharing personal information wouldn't really be reliable online. Breaches happens and concealing your IRL identiy should be a priority for safety reasons. There are so many things you can do with someone else ID in UK.
  2. I dont want to get e-mails from an virtual social platform players are using to have fun around.. main reason I didn't sign up.
  3. why look like Taylor from 13 reasons why.. 😄
  4. amazing ! 😆😆
  5. Obviously there are quite various limitations within the game comparing to real life attirbutes. It can easly compase into something smaller in game so it can bennefit all parties involved, players, dealerships, mechanics but mostly being RPed in a proper and realistic way. 1k miles in game it's quite a long run. Issues can be set up to be generated from one kind of a class car to another, per reached miles and so on.
  6. I don't honestly see an issue anywhere. As long everything is fully ICly and there are no rules being borken upon selling all those cars, why the heck not ? I would like to see more roleplay involved though. As well, second hand cars should come alongside some consequences. Engine stalling, stopping and so on.
  7. Darius94


    exactly my though. Since they took over they only focused on getting the money out without giving anything back to the community, broken promises, lost my trust into them which is sad as I used to love spending countless horus In Game. GTAW is giving me the seriousness I am looking for. Can't say a single bad word about the community itself, they are doing a lot !!!
  8. how this happened, @Nervous please explain
  9. I personally don't mind the duration of an RP scene as long as it went into depth with detalis and I can really feel it.
  10. there is no need for wipes. They only used to do this back in maybe 2010 to attract new comers, fix vital bugs, couldn't update the server hence they had to wipe everything on it as it couldn't be loaded on a new version, too many inactive houses and cars, and so on. There are a big variety of tools nowadays which can easly be dealt with without destroying profiles. So yeah, I won't see this happening anytime soon in 2020 on any popular server.
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