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  1. Darius94

    Simply amazing to see getting support from other big communities !
  2. Darius94

    Well said. I don't put my hopes into this until I can find something official, as of now, I can't find any info aside official released notes, which are little.
  3. Darius94

    So I am wondering if anybody else had come across this game in the past copule of months? I have been trying to look into some aspects but it's kind of lacking official information or most importantly, official reviews. People complaining they haven't been given access for the June beta testing nor the August Alpha testing and so on.
  4. Darius94

    It's quite enjoyable but still not ready for play as it comes with many bugs and not very stable server connection.. played like copule of months ago so it might be better overall.
  5. Darius94

    So yeah, Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC, folks !
  6. Darius94

    Big companies such as Take-Two surely have some ties with Sony and Microsoft, they already know what the next generation consoles are aiming for and what are they gonna need to work. Sony and Microsoft needs those developers to start developing and making games in advance so they can test them out and have sales upon their full release. GTA 6 might be sold as a pack with the PS5 and so on.
  7. Darius94

    I RP my character being in his 40s . Get him jogging around the neighborhood every now and then, walk around.. boring stuff lol.
  8. Darius94

    Good to hear this. Didn't completely drop the exam but mostly I knew I will fail on that point as I didn't go throughout the subject (upon personal decision) as a whole, so my effort was slightly reduced. Appreciate your answer, man 🙏
  9. Darius94

    Thanks for your input. 🙏
  10. Darius94

    I truly understand and see behind the reasons for that section, always made sense but I think there should be other ways to get players understand how that section works instead of getting them read them long cases. Short ended and more detailed topics would be more helpful in my own opinion. Maybe learning 'as you go' is not the case just an easier way to get the grips of the court cases topic. I don't mind reading the LSPD manual and internal procedures, I always do from the start to the end before going on duty for the very first time. But as aforementioned, the court cases brings something different .. something I feel like all that big content (ueseless) might be easier converted into something that everyone wouldn't mind reading to an end and get better understanding of what your departamental expections are upon getting enlisted within faction.
  11. Darius94

    Straight to the point, I wanted to join LSPD for the RP, to have fun. A very disappointing point I have came across into your recruitment stage was the examination where would you require candidates to go throughout a bunch of real life court case situations and state on how would you implement this in the game or RP around this ? I mean, I wanted to join LSPD but I am working full time and have other pirorities, when I have seen that stage of my exam it was a big no .. didn't even think about going through that and read all that useless content. So from the start I simply wanted to walk away. How can you guys improve over this and maybe assure that more players are able to take your recruitment stage to an end without giving up mid process because of real life priorites ? Had no other issue apart from that, most of the questions were good and to determinate what kind of RPer you are and to gain a sight your previous background (maybe). After all, this is a game and everyone should join for fun, but I think at the moment, it wouldn't worth my effort as I would end up playing a maximum of 2h a day.
  12. Darius94

    Oh no, I mean.. not an option for myself as I am shit, I never get them right and makes me feel they were better before. So I would rather leave it like this xD thanks anyway. I would rather play like that than mess it up, I can't really fix things up when it comes to PCs.
  13. Darius94

    Uninstalling all the drivers are not an option and won't go this further. Does your game look alright, guys ?
  14. Darius94

    I will try and give it a read. Doesn't look like I can understand a lot out of it though. Thanks for your input 🙏