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  1. I'm a little late to the party but I do wanna give a big congrats to all the hard-working people that are making this faction, I'm sure it'll be great and I look forward RPing in it. As of the issue with males and females together in the same pod, it's simple. As of right now, we don't expect to have a huge number of females RPing in jail. So, it would be silly of us to exclude those females who do want to RP in the jail by putting two or three in a pod by themselves. If we did that, they would be bored and go afk and we'd also have to put a deputy in that pod who would also be bored and go afk. Right now, Bospy is doing the best thing for this faction and allowing everybody to RP. Sometimes, you have to give up a little realism to ensure that everybody has a good time. If a lot of females RP in jail, changes can be made. This really shouldn't be that big of an issue. Again, congrats guys! This is gonna be great.
  2. Copacetic

    Well I think you're being a little asinine about the entire thing. You have the right to disagree but at the same time, you're taking a point that COULD prevent unnecessary DM in regards to LEO shootouts and you're turning it into something far more off putting than the original idea being proposed here. You're doing this because you don't like the idea and you want everybody else to think of the idea as something ridiculous too. I get it, I do. The point being made in section 2 AND 3 is being made to draw attention to those that shootout with cops every chance they get in order to avoid jail times. It was a HUGE issue in other communities and this community has far greater prison terms than most of those communities did. I don't totally agree with the suggestion either but I'm certainly not gonna make silly points about getting hit by a buss or shot during a robbery. People don't RP getting hit by a buss or shot during a robbery very often in order to get out of jail terms. They shoot cops and force a response that ends in their death. I don't know the best way to handle non RP behavior or total disregard to characters that people "put so much time, work and effort into" but I do know that it's a massive issue and needs solving and you making comments that draw away from the original points being made is not helping the situation at all. Davis is extreme in the way he thinks about things but you'll find if you look at it closely, he's got a point.