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    Idk who y'all are but this is a fucking great post.
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    Strained Ropes (Part II) (Quoted screens are from the Jamestown Mafia thread.)
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    Strained Ropes (Part I)
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    Fuck Two days later...
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    Ours to Shoulder
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    On the Scent
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    This is a fun thread. Apologies if any of these have been done before: - Mentally ill character who thinks they’re Batman. - Yoga instructor / therapist gone cult leader - Stringer. Guy/gal who chases ambulances/police chases with a camera, trying to gather footage to sell to news orgs who might run the story.
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    |If I Go, I'm Going On Fire|
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    ONWARD Big shouts to @Gall for all the great RP he's created for myself and the rest of this group over the past months. RPing with these folks is a blast, and I'm jazzed to find out what lies ahead.