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  1. It's not an easy game. Play as an assistant for a while before you jump in any other role. You'll never master the game, so just pick a role/job you want to learn and focus on that.
  2. Come on. Really? This is what you're going to say? She doesn't understand how serious of an offense prostitution is because she's a beat cop?
  3. Thread

    Winter Roleplay

    Stop being bitter that you likely won't see any snow in-game.
  4. Just sell drugs like any other modern American entrepreneur.
  5. Thread

    Winter Roleplay

    @Mecovy: Just because I shit my pants on the train that one time doesn't mean I do it frequently. I don't understand how people want to realistically portray the state of California, and more specifically, the city of Los Angeles, and then turn around and go "we want SNOOOOOOOOOOW." Yeah, we get it. You people want to roleplay in the snow and take selfies next to your luxury sports vehicle for your Facebrowser or whatever the new, hip thing the kids use these days. Does Menyoo not have a 'snow' setting?
  6. Something like this, sure. People need to start roleplaying realistic, believable characters who's personalities go beyond "well, I'm a gang member."
  7. I'm with @Mantle on this one. I'm a big fan of keeping /me's simple. Maybe not too simplistic to the point where your actions are just '/me does thing,' but I dislike seeing overly elaborate /me's that doesn't add a whole lot to painting a picture.
  8. I spent some time reading through faction threads, and maybe I'm of the wrong mindset, but it seems like people need to be better at portraying believable characters who have a purpose outside of the faction they belong to. I'm not saying write up an entire novel of a backstory, but characters should be more than one-dimensional.
  9. Yeah, I'm with the guy above. I don't active roleplay much anymore, and just mostly lurk on the forums from time to time, but I'm still waiting for THE faction. I'm talking about the faction to set the bar. I'm talking about the GTA World's Wilcox Organization, the Valenti Crime Family, the White Car. I'm talking about the trailblazers, the trendsetters, the pioneers of illegal roleplay. The people to look around the server and say, "alright, I'm gonna have to handle this shit myself." And you know what? They do.
  10. This is some 2012 Godfather script type shit. Just do the occasional /me to indicate you're speaking with an accent. Having [ACCENT] preceding each line of text makes it look sloppy.
  11. @Dat.Stuka: You raise some good points. In real life, there's a very long and drawn out process to remove a Chief of Police or Fire Department Chief. You're right in saying there's often a board of commissioners, like the LAPD has, that create and enact department-wide policy. Ideally? I would love to let bureaucracy take over and have boards of commissioners for both the LSPD and LSFD, but we might not have the manpower for it when we first start. We have to make due with what we have, and provide as practical of a process without sacrificing too much realism and depth.
  12. I'm in favor, but counterpoint: it's useful to determine if someone of a certain rank is online. Furthermore, who would metagame their own faction and what do they have to gain?
  13. I have some documents written up detailing the process on how municipal organization leaders are chosen and removed. I'll post some excerpts once I'm home from work.
  14. @Airwolf: Faction management is there to ensure the wrong people won't be appointed or elected, and there will be an OOC vetting process. You bring up valid points, but if IC experience is such a big factor, then wouldn't someone with a ton of IC experience be an attractive nomination choice? I know OOC experience plays a large role as well, but I think everyone expects legal faction leaders to have some level of OOC competency. If a mayor is found nominating his OOC buddies to positions, then faction management will step in if the people or the city council haven't already. I would love to keep faction management out of the government as much as possible, but it isn't always a viable option. Tempers often flare up enough to the point where the lines between IC and OOC are blurred and admins need to step in. If we do let the government nominate and appoint faction leaders, I can assure you the right people will be chosen for their respective positions. Keep in mind, none of this is set in stone. There's a lot we have to consider going forward, and topics like this where we can get input from the community are invaluable.
  15. @Asesci: We share the same opinion. The judicial branch is not my domain, but I'm making sure both the executive and legislative branches get up and running without a hitch. The legislative branch will be a city council, modeled after LA's council. @Notbond: It will be a tricky issue to tackle. Personally, I like the idea of a nominee nominated by the mayor (after being vetted by FM) and having to be confirmed by the city council. I don't want the wrong people being chosen, so there likely will be some OOC aspect. None of this is set in stone, however.
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