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  1. The deal was finished tonight, thank you all for your time. ((Ready to be locked))
  2. Are you available tonight? I can show you the property and maybe we can finish the deal. Contact me.
  3. RESTAURANT FOR SALE General information: Starting price: $300,000 Market price: $230,000 (does not include the extra two rooms) Weight capacity: +100,000 Current owner: Lyanna Salvatore Phone number: #3515239 For more information contact the owner via e-mail. EXTERIOR INTERIOR 1. Main Area 2. Kitchen / Staff-room 3. Office
  4. Fruit of the Vine Wine, Vinewood's finest liquor store, is now officially open for business. We provide a varying collection of the best liquor in town, including but not limited to whiskey, wine, tequila, rum, beer and more. We're prepared fulfill large orders and have them delivered to your establishment within 24 hours or less. GET IN TOUCH WITH US TODAY! Email: [email protected] (( Forum PM )) | Tel. #351-52-39 or #951-89-36
  5. Are you still selling the vehicle? I'd love for some more information, maybe a picture of the car, I'm interested.
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