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  1. PLZ GIVE ME THE LINK @Certified Lover Boy Jola
  2. Username: vaquero176 Comment: i heard alex flynn likes his women big
  3. only me who’s rped in vespucci since last august and never been robbed ? 😣
  4. can you please shut up just because you live in socal doesnt mean you know everything lol! get outta hea' fool!
  5. Prison RP on LS-RP wasn't non-existent. It went through periods of inactivity because it's a niche within a niche. Not everyone finds prison RP enjoyable which is completely understandable. Jail RP here is the same really. There's always people there but the lifers go through spells where they don't log in so it's mostly tourists. There's politics, there's fights and there's plenty of passive roleplay. A lot of times there is a deputy in-game as well. It's active but the roleplay can be a little lacklustre at times.
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