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  1. Declan

    There is no political sphere right now, if we had an actual governor or mayor we’d be able to choose which political side we were on but right now, we can’t.
  2. Declan

    In my opinion, you need to — you can’t have two copycat states. Look at our legal system, badges, agencies. Everything we roleplay is based off of California our flag is literally the California flag with a beaver slapped in the middle instead of a bear. It just makes no feasible sense to continue roleplaying California as California. Where would San Andreas go on the map?
  3. Declan

    Vespucci is based off Santa Monica & Venice Beach. I don’t see the problem with referring to stuff like that in game? It creates roleplay and creates conversations.
  4. Declan

    its a promenade. u shouldnt be driving on it
  5. You can reference Donald Trump IC though? San Andreas is a state within America and Donald Trump is the president of the United States. We’re not role playing covid-19 because management has explicitly said we’re not. Los Santos is a thriving metropolitan city.
  6. Declan

  7. Declan

  8. Declan

    I mainly use createscene to simulate the usage of crime scene tape due to the absence of police tape.
  9. Declan


    my guy 🙏🏼
  10. Declan

    heres ur honorary davis station pin. coming 2030
  11. Declan

  12. Declan

    west coast roleplay then jumped ship to lsrp 😤