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    And you're wrong. This vehicle was stopped for hitting another car and having paper plates. An airship was called. I could find you hundreds more. I can't really comment on your other points because I'm not in the LSPD. I just wanted to show you that the LAPD utilize their airships more often than you think considering their $1.1 billion budget.
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    Before joining the LSSD, I was a reserve with the LSPD. My father was a 35-year vet with them and I wanted to follow pop. I saw the same thing, 3 years ago, that I see now. Trainees stayed in the car while the FTO's hung out and drank coffee. Granted, as a reserve I was treated differently, plus maybe having a dad who was a Sergeant 2 at RHD helped, but I still was treated like a trainee and sat in the car sipping coffee and scratching out my PIR's. Also, I know for a fact that LSPD trainees feel the same squeeze as LSSD trainees during their first months on. They sit in the car while their FTO's are hanging out, I know this because I often hook up with a couple of LSPD units from the division that borders my station area.
  12. Declan

    Drunk driving should be encouraged from an OOC level, not excessively of course. I've never seen anyone roleplay around it. (I assume the people commenting on this thread have though.) I normally call a cab or get a friend to pick me up, so like you said if roleplaying the effects of drugs and alcohol is endorsed more, it'd create more roleplay for people in general. shoutout to the jewish cab company though