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  1. I'd honestly hate it to turn into LS:RP v2 post 2016, but that's not what I'm getting at. You'll get bad apples everywhere, but that should be administrated in-game. Youtube videos won't help, as people don't find role-playing guides interesting. They learn by experiencing it in-game. That's how I learned to role-play.
  2. I understand why applications might be denied, hostility being one of them, but that's a legit reason to deny someone. But, the application process isn't appealing to the new player. If they understand basic English, role-play standards and rule they shouldn't be denied, they shouldn't be held back.
  3. I'm going to touch on the specific question. Don't force things, play the server to enjoy it. Don't focus on the player base growing, as time passes and the server continues to be developed and promoted, the player base will grow. Servers in the past have become successful due to pure patience. Another thing I would like to touch on and disagree with, is, the application process. It's not appealing to a player who just wants to play a game, who wants to go through a 20 minutes application just to role-play? An application should just be to make sure you have basic English skills, RP understanding and rule understanding. You shouldn't administrate and judge people on their role-playing ability via an application stage, it should all be done in-game.