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  1. Has been solved - anyone want the files let me know
  2. If you have any color you'd like added of your own, feel free to PM me the Hex with or without a picture, and I'll add it in with credits.
  3. Hi! This is a picture heavy thread, so everything has been hidden within spoilers! Credits go to the respective creators, I'm simply gathering these in one place for the community to use. Some colors are not exact, as they require metallics or pearlscents. Gauntlet, Dukes & Tampa Colours - 1969-70 Chrysler More Vintage CUDA & Dodge colors by JR_DEATH (GTAFORUMS) Vintage Chervolet Colors Chevelle Colors Issi Classic - Mini Cooper Dominator GTX - Modern Ford Mustang Colors Jester Classic - Toyota Supra MK4 Schlagen GT - AMG GT Modern Ferrari Colors Vintage Ferrari Colors Peyote Colors - Vintage style Vintage Lamborghini car colors Vintage Rolls Royce Colors Vintage Jaguar colors Mixture of Lancia, Alfa Romeo & Ferrari colors on a Michelli GT Modern Dodge Colors - Credits to JR_Death (GTAFORUMS) Random Supercar colors - Credits Cold_08 (GTA FORUMS) Wildcard colors
  4. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Peyote_Custom Change to this link when clicked too pls
  5. Peyote Gasser needs to be changed to Peyote Custom.
  6. Highly modified Gauntlet Classic custom for sale - 99 miles on the clock. Full security suite After market engine parts, involving a reinforced gearbox, upgraded forged engine parts & bigger brakes. Vanity plate is not included. Looking for 200.000$ or trade for a Penumbra FF. (( ) )
  7. Buyout if above falls through
  8. (( Buyout should be MP x3 + Furniture Value, unless there's something additional stated. Thats around 337.000$ ))
  9. The amount of trolling they'd be used for is just stupid. Just wait for RedDeadMP
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