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  1. So that’s my new bio can I come back and play? Jack Bilingsworth is the youngest of the Bilingsworth family. Growing up fairly wealthy, he does not have much to show for it. After his parents died in a car accident, Jack and his siblings split the fortune. Jack's share of the fortune was squandered on drugs and alcohol, and before he knew it, he was homeless on the streets of Los Santos. Recently Jack has received a call from his siblings, informing him that they are landing in town, and also squandered their respective fortunes. Broke and hungry, Jack must try to make a living in Los Santos with only the help of his siblings and his two bare hands.
  2. So what admin can I send my new bio to if Ardeo’s gone on detox from games?
  3. As for the metagaming, i do admit that was wholly not roleplay and i understand where your coming from on that. i have played on many servers that didnt care if you used teamspeak, discord, etc. as long it was in an ic way and only affected those you're around. an example of this is us in the car, in discord we were talking icly, and when we encountered anyone we talked through text chat in game, but i can totally see after thinking about it all day how that could be frowned upon, and for that i apologize. as far as the car accident, i have no excuse that i haven't already stated. others didn't roleplay, so i followed suit, and that is wrong and not how i should behave on this server. on my application, all answers were my own and written in my own words, but seeing you paste that bio gave me an awful realization. i used a generator for my bio as i usually do, but forgot the second step. i usually use it to get the creative juices flowing, pick and choose from the different things it throws at me, and write my own bio in my own words loosely based off of the ideas thrown at me. i obviously forgot to do that, and i can write a totally original bio if you wish. i know this has not been a great introduction for me as a server member, but i think you'll find if you give me a second chance i can bring some serious roleplay and community participation. this is the only server i have thoroughly enjoyed on ragemp, and hope to be unbanned at your earliest convenience to enjoy the server once again. again, i apologize.
  4. @Rybyn k thanks for the info on that now its all in order
  5. @Rybyn it never told me who banned me or any reason it just closed connection. Thats why im here i wannah know why i got banned? but i did fix the format i just cant complete it because the server never told me any data on the ban.
  6. SUBJECT: [Jack_Bilingsworth] [Adero] Date of ban: 1/6/19 6:30 PM Ban reason: Generated application, metagame, failure to roleplay injuries. Explanation: I dont know about the Generated application or the metagaming you have got on me but the not roleplaying injuries part is one thing i have somthing to say about. So heres what happend i never drove one vehicle other than the courier job van and i ended up jumping into a vehicle with some other guys witch was a stolen vehicle i know that. ("im riding in the back seat i have no control over the driver") he was driving about 114 mph through an intersection and a motor cycle came across at the same exact time we where crossing, We hit hard really really hard. The guy on the motor cycle idk where he whent after we hit him but the car i was in flipped over on its roof and the guy that was driving just just quickly rolled it back on its wheels and kept driving. So i dont see why im getting punished for not roleplaying the crash? when he drove away i think he drove probably 10 blocks from the crash site and parks in a hidden spot and they all jumped out of the car and ran different ways and the driver logged shortly after. and here i am thinking well that was a really bad crash why did we not roleplay that but after they all ran there was nobody around so i just put it behind me. Evidence: na