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  1. kerpele

    Three El Burro L.S., men are waiting to be sentenced to federal prison for armed robbery. They received various sentences, that collectively equaled more than 30 years, for the Betta Life Pharmacy store robbery, conspiracy to commit Betta Life Pharmacy robbery and brandishing a firearm in furtherance of Betta Life Pharmacy robbery. Sidney Garner, 33, who was the mastermind of the operation, recruited both Oscar Mueller 26, and David Oneil 31, to commit the robbery. On 21 of december in 2019, Sidney arranged to meet with Oscar and David. Sidney Garner drove the two younger men to the business. Oscar and David entered the store, where David placed one of the employees in a choke hold and held a gun to her head. David then dragged the employee over to the register, where the robbers took the money. The case was investigated by the Bone County Sheriff’s Office and LSPD.
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    Is this coming on 1.8?
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  10. It needs better roleplayers. Every player needs to better themselves and give it their 100% to portray a more realistic character and a way of roleplaying. But sadly people use roleplaying as a way to escape reality then to portray it.
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