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  1. Tabitha I see you getting that bag,?
  2. Loving this so far, supporting all of the homeless rpers ?
  3. ((Haven't posted due to personal reasons, catching up now ^-^)) Cherry's Interview - City Hall, Los Santos. https://gov-forum.gta.world/viewtopic.php?f=176&t=776#p1625
  4. Please no. The people who're already trying to rp it have done it poorly.
  5. Cherry pictured with her daughter, Clarissa, at her high school graduation. Circa May 2019. Development of Cherisse "Cherry" Bianchi ⁠—⁠ a community social worker who recently moved to Los Santos.
  6. Nymphie


    Excited to see what this will bring! Good luck~
  7. Yess! ❤️ I used to play it a lot, the art style reminds me of Coraline. I prefer the community of IdentityV over DBD too, but it sucks that the game is unbalanced.
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