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    Much love to @Nemo for all the photography.
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    Inactive actors: Motion Picture Media Business Commercials Vinewood Magazine Outside Media
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    extremely tight shit, love you guys. ps. would be dope if yall could sometimes take an L, but everything else is ora13
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    Vinewood in many ways is a paradoxical society. On the one hand, you got the city of dreams with Vinewood as the center of upper class glamour and snobby celebrity superstars. On the other, you got the strange and bizarre cult of aspiring youth that pursue the fame and glory of the flipside at all costs. This thread will showcase a collection of tales depicting events of a modern multi-ethnic community of youngsters that settled around the Alta and Hawick area in Vinewood to escape their distinctive pasts and seek better fortunes.
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    Used to love the interactions between PD and my former faction when we were roleplaying in Rancho. Some of those cops are still around, shout out to them. I had my best roleplay experience with these people but I gotta be honest though, for the past half-year I have seen a huge deterioration in the PD on this server, sure it's hard to control the quality of one's members, especially when the faction is as big as PD but had any other faction's members been acting the way I've seen members of the PD act, it would have caused serious consequences for that faction (Not saying there been no consequences, I genuinely don't know as I'm not staff or in the PD). Nonetheless, I respect the work PD put in and I genuinely hope I've been unlucky with meeting these people as like I stated before I have had some great roleplay with members of the PD. I know not everyone is a metagaming trigger happy robot without emotions in the PD and that's not what I want to say either as I know and had the pleasure of roleplaying with several good roleplayers from the PD. I am also unable to say if the leadership in PD has a close watch on their members as I don't do police RP but as a faction leader that has been in leadership in many factions I've often had to be responsible for my members and their actions, this does not seem to apply to the PD though. Is gang unit still a thing? Have not seen them for a long time. Would be very nice to see them again as well as maybe a second police station. Keep it up.
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    This is real good stuff.
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    This looks really dope, the media guy in me is looking forward to see some more media.
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    LSPD replaces fines with loot boxes to improve the experience Nobody likes getting fined. No matter how it's managed, it usually is a bad moment for the person receiving it, and an instant of joy and delight for the officer issuing it. This was seen as a discrepency by Wilson, the new Marketing and Customer Experience Manager hired by the LSPD. His solution? Balancing the joy more, and offering the people receiving fines a more enticing experience. Of course, having to pay for a (supposed) vehicular crime is hard to make fun. It took Wilson several months of research, and after observing the officers' behavior for so long, he finally figured out what the best solution was. Inspired by the mechanics used in video games, he suggested to replace fines with loot boxes, containing various amounts of money the person receiving it would have to pay. « It creates a true element of suspense and surprise! And with the right animations it can even be an EPIC moment! ». The mechanics are quite simple. Every time an LSPD officer pulls you over, he will provide you with a loot box to open. This loot box will contain 4 cards, whose quality range from "common" (a $200 fine) to "legendary" (a $5000 fine). The combination of the four cards you obtain will indicate how much money you must pay, regardless of the crime you may or may not have actually committed. For the few lucky ones, we were told a special Apex Legendary card can sometimes drop... Will you be among the first? Some groups of citizens feel concerned about potential abuse, especially about being fined for crimes they never committed in the first place. However, many remarked this was common practice. And from an operational point of view, the LSPD chief of police was certain this novelty « will not fundamentally change the way our officers give away fines. ». It will merely « Make it a more friendly experience, with lights and music » instead of « something so grim ». As for Wilson, he claims to be « delighted by that change, although we will most likely use another term than loot box, since it doesn't contain loot. It's more of a surprise mechanic! ». Paints news is a news outlet, providing the most dubious information from the less reliable sources. Nothing we post should be taken as fact, unless you really have no critical sense. For more not-so-dependable information, do follow us on Facebrowser. We cannot, however, pay that fine for you.
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    can i step in the debate and say we're using GTA lore for car brands and it won't change? 👮‍♀️
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    I put my two cents together already and don't feel like i've been given a fair answer. No cop is going to stand and argue with a paramedic whether to self transport or not from a realistic point of view like they did with me. I do not accept to take such things In Character when that's just a clear fault in mindset of the faction members and their portrayal of American law enforcement officers in a metropolis. They can be trained all they want to be trained but it's not their job to do paramedic duties despite understanding, like I said, the fact that they sometimes must given circumstances. I understand the very volatile nature of crime rates spread across neighborhoods but it sounds like those types of situations need to be addressed in IC terms by bringing in city wide tactical alerts, forcing officers to partner up and a much more broader and cautious approach with high regard to officer safety. They did not portray such fear when encountered the situations I did, and they weren't even in the same neighborhoods to begin with. In regards to clearing officers and having officers on scenes, you're still not getting my point and it seems like ranking people's mindset is also to attend 3 calls and spread 3 officers across them instead of putting all of 3 officers in 1 call to provide quality police role-play. You instead seem like you want to police the server and put as many players in jail. Just because you've been stuck with FD and someone got away with a robbery isn't going to hurt anybody and especially not you as a police role-player. I'd appreciate a leadership point of view. If not, I've just said what I wanted to say and we'll agree to disagree. I appreciate your responses, I just don't see things the way you see it is all. I'll look into PLM to see if it's indeed of poor role-play quality in their eyes having cops argue with paramedics with an ambulance on scene on who should transport an injured victim, and I'll be sure to start reporting people to them for poor role-play from now on. And if not, I'll make ends meet and take it IC to see how far it goes. Interjecting with an injured person could cost a police department a hefty lawsuit and there's quite a track record of that in real life. It's why most cops either administer first aid if they can but generally don't touch a victim by saying they're not medics.
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    GTA World In-Game Rules 1.0 Common Courtesy While out of character it is expected of you to remain respectful and calm towards others. Always follow an administrator's instructions. Failing to roleplay a situation is strictly forbidden. You're expected to be roleplaying at all times, If a player breaks the rule during the situation you must finish the roleplay and report later. E.G. Insult another player through /pm or /b. Spamming. Disregarding an administrator's decision. Car crashes can be skipped if all parties involved agree Quitting on purpose to avoid RP Stealing a vehicle from a player that has crashed. like a vehicle with the engine on and is unlocked, then going to chop the vehicle right after. Chain-robbing a player (less than 2 hours) AFK during roleplay situation 2.0 Powergaming It is not allowed to perform actions which would not be possible in real life either, this is not limited to roleplay through /me. It is not allowed to force actions upon another player. You are not allowed to roleplay a non-player character. E.G. Roleplay through a /me to lift up a truck. Jumping from height and not roleplaying the consequences from your fall. Roleplay through a /me to shoot a player with the result of the player ending up dead in the process. It is mandatory to RP fear in situations/actions which you would usually refrain from doing realistically. Drawing a gun to rob someone in the middle of the street/populated area. Running off/drawing a gun while being aimed at by cops. Lack of fear roleplay or fear for your life in general may result in a permanent character kill. CCTV are permitted within a person's residence, if a player has mounted cameras outside their residence, in their vehicles or any place filming the public, they must get the consent of all parties involved. Exceptions: Stores that can be robbed have CCTV. The police can review these. State agencies and Government vehicles may use front facing dash cams, without the consent of anyone. CCTV is permitted inside Government buildings without the consent of anyone. 3.0 Metagaming Using out of character gained information to your advantage. Communicating with your party through the means of third party software. Discord IC channels are forbidden unless authorized and monitored by the administration team. E.G. You message a player to pick you up at x location. You coordinate with your team through Discord during a pursuit. You mention a player's name without having them met before. You are not allowed to have characters on your own account that know each others or refer to each others 4.0 Deathmatching Killing another player without or with poor reason to do so. This also includes you provoking others, followed by performing aggressive actions such as shooting or killing and (or) the provoked party ending up dead. E.G. Shooting at a player because he is black and your character hates people from Afro American backgrounds. Calling a player names for them to come after you so you can shoot them. 5.0 Character Customization The use of ridiculous clothing is strictly forbidden. This also applies to facial features. Up to an adminstrator's discretion. E.G. Dressing your character to resemble an alien. Making your body invisible or intentionally glitched. 6.0 Character Name It is not allowed to use a name that could be offensive to other players. Additionally, it is also not allowed to use names of famous people or characters from any form of media. Names should be realistic and not intentionally comical. E.G. You create a character with the name George_Bush You create a character with the name Karon_Nigger You create a character with the name John_Marston You create a character with the name Harold_Balls 7.0 Third Party Modifications Any modification which gives a player any type of advantage over other players is strictly forbidden. Upon being caught this leads to the player permanently banned from the server without the possibility of appealing the decision. E.G. Modifying your vehicle's acceleration through third party software. Spawning in weapons. Use of godmode. Usage of macros (mining etc...) 8.0 Bug Abusing Any bugs found out by players are to be reported in the right forum section. Abusing or exploiting bugs is strictly forbidden and the exploiting party will most likely end up with a permanent ban. E.G. Abusing a bug that allows you to profit in-game currency from. 9.0 Offensive Roleplay Roleplay that includes cannibalism, sexual, torturing or any other type of roleplay that could offend another player is not allowed unless both parties come to an out of character agreement. The roleplay has to be stopped if one of the players doesn't agree with continuing. The roleplay must take place out of sight of players who haven't given their consent. E.G. You roleplay sexual intercourse in public. You rape a person who has not given you their out of character consent. Child pornography or child sexual actions are completely forbidden from the server 10.0 Robbing and Scamming It is only permitted to rob another player for a maximum of $5,000. It is only permitted to scam another player for a maximum of $75,000. It is not allowed to scam properties. These include and are limited to vehicles and real estate. There are no limitations on drug and weapon scams, or on loans (a namechange / CK during an active loan will lead to your money being removed and given back to the loan contract owner). This applies to both scamming a player for a drugs or weapons and for scamming a player for money off a drug or weapon scam. Before performing a business robbery (entering a nightclub to rob everyone) you must notify the administration team with a /report and wait for their acknowledgment, as we do not want these to happen on a regular basis and it must be very well roleplayed. Ramming players just to rob them is considered non roleplay, as It is not realistic. When selling a house which is linked to a garage, you must also sell the garage to the house's buyer. Chaining robberies on your character unless perfectly roleplayed will be considered unrealistic and a poor portrayal of a character, so be careful If you choose to go that way. You may use /breakin to rob any property. Usage of /rent to access the inventory is forbidden and bannable. E.G. You rob a player and force them to pay you more money than the maximum of $5,000. You scam a player for their vehicle. 11.0 Property Destruction Destroying another player's property requires approval from an in-game administrator. This only applies to real estate such as apartments, houses and businesses. E.G. Setting a house on fire without the approval from an administrator. 12.0 Crime-free Areas It is not permitted to commit crimes or to provoke players within crime free areas. However it is allowed to continue the crime if the roleplay was initiated somewhere else. Crime free areas include the following locations: Government buildings (such as police and fire stations, the prison and city hall). Banks (ATM's not included) Airport Customization feature (the player is considered INSIDE the building) Ammunation area E.G. Robbing a player at a bank. 13.0 Real World / OOC Trading It is strictly forbidden to trade your in-game money and assets to other players for real life currency or OOC reasons. Players caught doing so risk a permanent ban or a full asset removal. E.G. Trading your in-game currency for real life currency. Trading assets between your characters Trading assets for an OOC reason using IC means (quick chat to pretend it's legit etc..) 14.0 Scrolling Weapons It is not allowed to scroll weapons without roleplay with the exception of the following weapons: Small melee weapons (Knife, Hammer, Bottle, Dagger, KnuckleDuster, SwitchBlade, Flashlight) Small handguns (Pistol, CombatPistol, Pistol50, SNSPistol, HeavyPistol, VintagePistol, Revolver, APPistol, StunGun, FlareGun) Small thrown weapons (Grenade, SmokeGrenade, BZGas, Molotov, Flare) Other small guns (MachinePistol, MiniSMG) E.G. Player scrolls an assault rifle. 15.0 Business rules Factions may not own/lease more than 2 scripted business, with a maximum of 1 per type. These businesses include: Factory Garage Clothing Store Barbershop Tattoo parlor Plastic surgeon Ammunation Gas station You may not trade back any of the money received from the script to the buyer. Example: Advertising 10% off on weapons in your ammunation, and give back 10% using 50% of the money you received in your business when the player bought the weapon. GTA World Administration
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    Requests are now closed. We will be looking through and reviewing all of the entries.
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