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    Disclaimer: So I'm going to deviate a little here from the usual structure of suggestions, and I'll just describe everything in a subsection. Elections Higher Res. Available On Request Let me summarise everything for you. How It Works For City Council - There will be eight successful candidates elected to the city council. Elections will take place in the wider Los Santos Metropolitan Area. - Constituencies pictured above are, From top left down; Chilliad West, Chilliad East, Grand Senora, Richman And Chumash, Vinewood, Beachfront, Downtown & Park, South And East Los Santos. - Constituencies are based on; population density; property prices; location; and average income. - Elections will use the AV System for electing candidates to constituencies. Upon proposals to expand the voting system, elections will switch to the STV system. Constituencies will stay the same, although members per constituency will increase. - By-elections will be called if a Member of City Council is inactive for more than two weeks without notice. This also occurs in the event of a Character Kill, a ban, or by request from Faction Management. - Elections will be handled by the Electoral Commission. - The Electoral Commission will add small modifiers to the vote in line with a variety of factors, including membership, polling, and establishment. the list of active modifiers will not be released in any capacity to preserve the vote and to prevent 'gaming' of the system. - The Electoral Commission will likely be made up of a multitude of FM and trusted members of the community. For Mayor - Elections will use the AV system indefinitely. - All constituencies will receive the same ballot paper for mayor. - By-elections will be called if a Mayor is inactive for more than two weeks without notice. Same restrictions apply as they do on City Council Membership. - Elections will be handled by the Electoral Commission. For Candidates - All candidates must be United States citizens. (IC) - All candidates must be over the age of 18. (IC) - All candidates will have their campaign funds limited by the Electoral Commission. Overspending will be considered an offence. (IC) - Candidates may stand with a party, or as an independent. - All candidates must have over a hundred hours spent within the server on any character. (OOC) - All candidates must be free from admin punishments in the last 28 days. (OOC) For Voters - Registering to vote will be possible through an online portal for your character. (IC) - All voters must be over the age of 18. (IC) - All Voters must be United States citizens. (IC) - No registration, no vote. (IC) - Registration will take place until three days before voting day. (IC) - Voting day will be in character, through an online system. (IC) - Proxy and postal votes will be possible. (IC) - Players require 10 hours on the server on any character in order to vote. (OOC) - Players with multiple characters in one account can only vote once in the same area. Separate characters will be able to vote in different areas if they live in different areas. Abuse of this will be referred to administation. (OOC) Benefits - Active, dynamic, political roleplay with a real effect on San Andreas law and the Penal Code. - Use of a Civil Service, allowing further legal roleplay opportunities. - Little work required done script-wise, other than a potential UCP link. - Political Representation for all characters within the server. - Leadership Debates, Election Debates, enhanced roleplay for news factions. (Makes good use of the new /news system.) - Formation of political parties and establishing the establishment. Rise of right-wing populism or the revival of social liberalism - you decide. - Countless possible interactions - divisions between friends over candidates, petitions, protests, and so on. - Political leaflets, slogans and advertising. Questions Q: Why AV? A: Smaller voting pool than real life, meaning it will be easy for elections to be won by one or two votes, this system will hopefully prevent that by using a more proportional system to distribute votes. Q: Is the player base big enough? A: I'd argue so - servers smaller than us have done this successfully, and the opportunities this provides is definitely exciting and new and can lead to a more immersive experience. Q: What about vote rigging/joke candidates/obviously unrealistic candidates? A: This can be controlled by both PLM and the Electoral Commission. Q: Does this mean more work for admins? A: Electoral Commission can take all of the responsibility and be a completely IC thing, all that is absolutely required is the appointment of the electoral commission, which can include admins or not, the verification of hours for candidates, and the verification of votes in counting. Q: Will enough people vote/stand? A: Many are interested in political roleplay, this will enhance their ability to get more involved. As for people voting, I believe that's an IC issue, it's up to the candidates to rally their player base. Any more questions, feel free to ask.
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    ''What is this called Rakija?'' Damon asked while sipping on his beverage before eventually, he dozed off as the rest drank at the bar.
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    Are you kidding me? This is great. The only time an NPC becomes an issue is when it's used as an accessory to metagame or powergame--as long as everyone involved is aware. You going in to a convenience store and aggravating a clerk, or me ordering a meal from a stoned minimum-wage teenager at the Horny's drive thru, doesn't directly affect anyone, or at least in a bad way. You and a friend, or even a group, doing something similar is all well and good until it infringes on information and/or actions that are beyond your reach as a narrator, or play things out in a way that could be interpreted as unfair. It's one thing to get a package from a pretend delivery driver, or to tell off the manager at a bank for a loan you didn't qualify for, but to say an NPC knows where someone is when no one else would know, or to have an NPC apprehend, injure or kill someone because you said they would? That's where the line is drawn.
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    Dealership Guide The original dealership guide was way out of date, and the author went inactive. The following values are up to date for - GTA World Cars & Bikes Cars & Bikes Bicycle Shop BMX - 0 KG - $1,000 Cruiser Bike - 5 KG - $1,500 Scorcher Mountain Bike - 5 KG - $2,500 Tri-Cycles Race Bike - 5 KG - $3,000 Whippet Race Bike - 5 KG - $3,000 Endurex Race Bike - 5 KG - $3,000 Faggio Shop Pegassi Faggio - 5 KG - $5,000 Downtown Autos Pegassi Faggio - 5 KG - $5,000sa Bravado Rat-Loader - 25 KG - $7,000 Emperor (Rusty) - 12 KG - $15,500 - Note: Also known as Emperor Beater Declasse Asea - 12 KG - $17,000 Declasse Rancher XL - 40 KG - $17,000 Albany Emperor - 40 KG - $20,000 Cheval Picador - 40 KG - $22,000 Karin Asterope - 25 KG - $22,000 Williard Faction - 25 KG - $23,000 Albany Primo - 25 KG - $29,000 Vapid Stanier Taxi - 25 KG - $30,000 Bodhi - 40 KG - $32,000 Declasse Voodoo - 25 KG - $35,000 Willard Faction Custom - 25 KG - $35,000 Vapid Slamvan - 40 KG - $35,000 Vulcan Ingot - 40 KG - $35,000 Weeny Issi - 12 KG - $37,500 Maibatsu Penumbra - 12 KG - $38,000 Dundreary Virgo Classic - 25 KG - $39,000 Vapid Slamvan (Lost) - 40 KG - $40,000 Karin Rebel - 40 KG - $40,000 Vapid Bobcat XL - 40 KG - $40,000 Dinka Blista Compact - 12 KG - $41,000 Bravado Youga - 65 KG - $42,000 Declasse Moonbeam - 25 KG - $43,000 Brute Pony - 65 KG - $43,000 Declasse Voodoo Custom - 25 KG - $45,000 Imponte Ruiner - 25 KG - $45,000 Ubermacht Oracle XS - 25 KG - $45,000 Declasse Vigero - 12 KG - $48,000 Declasse Premier - 25 KG - $48000 Karin Futo - 12 KG - $55,000, Schyster Fusilade - 12 KG - $65,000 Imponte Phoenix - 12 KG - $75,000 Ubermacht Oracle - 25 KG - $79,000 Moonbeam Custom - 25 KG - $79,600 Willard Faction Custom Donk - 25 KG - $81,500 Virgo Classic Custom - 25 KG - $89,400 Buccaneer Custom - 12 KG - $89,400 Vapid Chino Custom - 25 KG - $91,200 Hermes - 25 KG - $93,000 Sabre Turbo Custom - 12 KG - $129,600 General Auto Shop Dundreary Regina - 40 KG - $17,500 Declasse Rhapsody - 12 KG - $25,000 Vapid Minivan - 40 KG - $25,000 Benefactor Glendale - 25 KG - $28,000 Vapid Stanier - 25 KG - $30,000 Karin Dilettante - 12 KG - $30,000 Vapid Tow Truck (Slamvan) - 25 KG - $34,000 Dinka Blista - 12 KG - $38,000 Bollokan Prairie - 12 KG - $43,000 Declasse Gang Burrito - 65 KG - $44,000 Cheval Surge - 25 KG - $45,000 Bravado Rumpo - 65 KG - $45,000 Vulcar Warrener - 25 KG - $47,000 Declasse Burrito Sport - 65 KG - $47,500 - Note: This is the gang-less gang Burrito. Vapid Speedo - 40 KG - $48,000 Cheval Fugitive - 25 KG - $49,000 Bravado Bison Utility - 40 KG - $50,000 - Note: This is the "The Mighty Bush" version. Bravado Bison - 40 KG - $50,000 Zirconium Stratum - 25 KG - $51,000 Albany Cavalcade - 40 KG - $52,000 Karin Intruder - 25 KG - $55,000 Vapid Dominator - 25 KG - $61,000 Vapid Guardian - 65 KG - $80,000 Karin Kuruma - 25 KG - $125,000 Benefactor Schwartzer - 25 KG - $145,000 Hijak Khamelion - 12 KG - $175,000 Vapid Contender - 40 KG - $225,000 Benefactor Surano - 12 KG - $250,000 Noun's Motors Vapid Chino Classic - 25 KG - $34,300 Bravado Youga Classic - 65 KG - $42,000 Gallivanter Baller - 40 KG - $45,000 Albany Virgo - 25 KG - $52,000 Obey Tailgater - 25 KG - $65,000 Declasse Granger - 40 KG - $65,000 Dinka Thrust - 5 KG - $67,000 Albany Washington - 25 KG - $70,000 Yosemite - ?? KG - $78,000 Ocelot Jackal - 12 KG - $88,000 Benefactor Schafter - 25 KG - $90,000 Obey Rocoto - 40 KG - $90,000 Gallivanter Baller II - 40 KG - $92,000 Gallivanter Baller LE - 40 KG - $105,000 Gallivanter Baller LE LWB - 40 KG - $112,500 Lampadati Felon - 25 KG - $130,000 Lampadati Felon GT - 40 KG - $165,000 Dewbauchee Exemplar - 25 KG - $165,000 Benefactor Schafter V12 - 25 KG - $180,000 Dundreary Stretch - 25 KG - $190,000 Ocelot F620 - 12 KG - $195,000 Dewbauchee Rapid GT - 12 KG - $200,000 Benefactor Schafter LWB - 25 KG - $220,000 Dewbauchee Rapid GT Convertible - 12 KG - $220,000 Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio - 12 KG - $250,000 Lampadati Furore GT - 12 KG - $265,000 Grotti Carbonizzare - 12 KG - $270,000 High End Autos, Albany Manana - 25 KG - $32000 Declasse Tornado - 25 KG - $41,000 Declasse Tornado Convertible - 25 KG - $41,000 Vapid Peyote - 25 KG - $42,500 Pegassi Bati 801 - 5 KG - $65,000 Fathom FQ 2 - 40 KG - $75,000 Benefactor Serrano - 40 KG - $78,000 Shitzu Hakuchou - 5 KG - $80,000 Albany Cavalcade II - 40 KG - $93,000 Inverto Coquette Targa - 12 KG - $99,000 - Note: Also known as "Coquette Classic" Mammoth Patriot - 40 KG - $100,000 Benefactor Dubsta - 40 KG - $100,000 Albany Alpha - 12 KG - $100,000 Benefactor Dubsta Sport - 40 KG - $125,000 Benefactor XLS - 40 KG - $135,000 Enus Huntley S - 40 KG - $175,000 Bravado Banshee - 12 KG - $205,000 Obey 9F - 12 KG - $246,000 Obey 9F Cabrio - 12 KG - $261,000 Annis Elegy Retro - 12 KG - $265,000 Dewbauchee Massacro - 12 KG - $270,000 Dinka Jester - 12 KG - $290,000 Grotti Bestia GTS - 25 KG - $333,666 Premium Motorsport Vapid Radius - 25 KG - $17,000 BF Surfer - 40 KG - $30,000 Benefactor Panto - 5 KG - $30,000 Karin BeeJay XL - 40 KG - $39,000 Bravado Paradise - 65 KG - $40,000 Emperor Habanero - 40 KG - $41,000 Albany Buccaneer - 12 KG - $48,000 Declasse Stallion - 25 KG - $48,000 Imponte Dukes - 25 KG - $52,000 Vapid Blade - 25 KG - $52,000 Declasse Tampa - 12 KG - $55,000 Declasse Sabre Turbo - 12 KG - $57,000 Karin Sultan - 12 KG - $60,000 Bravado Buffalo - 25 KG - $60,000 Bravado Gresley - 40 KG - $72,000 Bravado Gauntlet - 25 KG - $75,000 Ubermacht Sentinel XS - 12 KG - $77,000 Ubermahct Sentinel Cabrio - 12 KG - $89,000 Ubermacht Zion - 25 KG - $93,000 Ubermacht Zion Cabrio - 25 KG - $98,000 Bravado Buffalo S - 25 KG - $175,000 Ocelot Lynx - 12 KG - $190,000 Inverto Coquette - 25 KG - $210,000 Mirror Park Dealership RUNE Cheburek - 12 KG - $65,000 Vulcar Fagaloa - 25 KG - $65,000 Vapid Clique - 25 KG - $75,000 Annis Savestra - 12 KG - $80,000 Sentinel Classic - 12 KG - $90,000 Vapid Riata - 40 KG - $90,000 Issi Classic - 5 KG - $90,000 Western Nightmare Deathbike - 5 KG - $90,000 Canis Kamacho - 40 KG - $95,000 Lampadati Michelli GT - 12 KG - $100,000 Declasse Tulip - 25 KG - $100,000 Vapid Retinue - 12 KG - $105,000 Benefactor Streiter - 12 KG - $110,000 Vapid Ellie - 12 KG - $110,000 Declasse Impaler - 12 KG - $115,000 Declasse Vamos - 25 KG - $130,000 Comet RS - 12 KG - $180,000 - Note: Also known as the "Comet SR" Vapid Flash GT - 12 KG - $186,000 Jester Classic - 12 KG - $195,000 Karin Z190 - 12 KG - $198,000 - Note: Also known as the "190z" Rapid GT Classic - 12 KG - $200,000 Schyster Deviant - 12 KG - $200,000 Vapid Dominator GTX - 25 KG - $290,000 Grotti GT500 - 12 KG - $350,000 Coil Raiden - 12 KG - $360,000 Pfister Neon - 12 KG - $490,000 Classic Cheetah - 12 KG - $550,000 Ocelot Pariah - 12 KG - $595,000 Freight Sales Taco Van - 65 KG - $30,000 Vapid Tow Truck (Large) - 25 KG - $35,000 Scrap Truck - 65 KG - $35,000 Maibatsu Mule 2 - 100 KG - $47,000 Brute Shuttle Bus - 100 KG - $55,000 Maibatsu Mule Armored(Maibatsu Mule 3) - 100 KG - $57,000 JoBuilt Hauler - 25 KG - $80,000 HVY Biff - 100 KG - $80,000 MTL Pounder - 100 KG - $85,000 MTL Packer - 25 KG - $95,000 Vapid Benson - 100 KG - $95,000 Bus - 100 KG - $95,000 Coach - 100 KG - $95,000 - Note: Also known as "Dashound" JoBuilt Phantom - 25 KG - $100,000 Utilities Dealership Nagasaki Blazer - 5 KG - $6,000 Declasse Tornado Junker - 25 KG - $8,900 - Note: Also known as "Tornado Beater" Declasse Tornado Junker Convertible - 5 KG - $8,900 Bf Surfer Rusty - 40 KG - $9,000 Declasse Burrito - 65 KG - $13,000 Nagasaki BF400 - 5 KG - $20,000 Bravado Duneloader - 25 KG - $21,000 Zirconium Journey - 65 KG - $21,000 Maibatsu Sanchez - 5 KG - $23,700 Karin Rebel (Rusty) - 40 KG - $26,100 Nagasaki Street Blazer - 5 KG - $32,100 Maibatsu Manchez - 5 KG - $33,000 Canis Seminole - 25 KG - $33,000 Brute Camper - 65 KG - $42,000 Vapid Sadler - 40 KG - $47,000 Canis Mesa - 25 KG - $55,000 Vapid Sandking SWB - 65 KG - $60,000 Dundreary Landstalker - 40 KG - $65,000 Vapid Sandking XL - 65 KG - $65,000 Canis Mesa Offroad Package - 40 KG - $70,000 - Note: Merryweather Mesa Sanders Motorcycles Pegassi Faggio Sport - 5 KG - $7,500 Western Rat Bike - 5 KG - $8,000 Dinka Enduro - 5 KG - $17,000 LCC Hexer - 5 KG - $26,000 FCR1000 Custom - 5 KG - $27,000 Shitzu PCJ-600 - 5KG - $27,000 FCR1000 - 5 KG - $28,000 Western Zombie Bobber - 5 KG - $31,000 Western Zombie Chopper - 5 KG - $31,500 Shitzu Vader - 5 KG - $35,000 Western Bagger - 12 KG - $35,000 Principle Nemesis - 5 KG - $39,000 Pegassi Ruffian - 5 KG - $40,000 Pegassi Esskey - 5 KG - $42,000 Principe Diablous - 5 KG - $43,000 Western Wolfsbane - 5 KG - $45,000 Western Daemon - 5 KG - $47,000 Nagasaki Carbon RS - 5 KG - $52,000 Dinka Double-T - 5 KG - $53,000 Western Daemon Custom - 5 KG - $53,000 Western Sovereig - 5 KG - $55,000 LCC Avarus - 5 KG - $56,000 Western Nightblade - 5 KG - $58,000 Dinka Akuma - 5 KG - $63,000 Western Cliffhanger - 5 KG - $80,000 Gargoyle - 5 KG - $95,000 Bilgeco Industrial Vehicles Clown Speedo - 40 KG - $9,0000 Bowboy Burrito - 65 KG - $95,000 - Note: Also known as "Mc-Gill Olsen Burrito" Public Utilities Boxville - 65 KG - $10,0000 - Note: Also known as "LSDWP Boxville" Human Labs Boxville - 65 KG - $100,000 - Note: Humane Labs Boxville Go Postal Boxville - 65 KG - $10,000,0 Bugstars Burrito - 65 KG - $100,000 Construction Burrito - 65 KG - $100,000 Pony - 65 KG - $110,000 Post Delivery Boxville - 65 KG - $120,000 Deludamol Rumpo - 65 KG - $120,000 Boats Sea Seagull Speedophile Seashark - 12 KG - $18000 Speedophile Seashark (Two-Tone) - 12 KG - $18,000 Shitzu Suntrap - 40 KG - $35,000 Nagasaki Dinghy (2 Seater) - 40 KG - $55,000 Nagasaki Dinghy (4 Seater) - 40 KG - $60,000 Shitzu Squalo - 40 KG - $65,000 Tug - 100 KG - $105,000, Shitzu Tropic - 40 KG - $150,000 Pegassi Speeder (Painted Body) - 40 KG - $30,0000 Pegassi Speeder (Wooden Body) - 40 KG - $300,000 Shitzu Jetmax - 40 KG - $320,000 Dinka Marquis - 65 KG - $370,000 Aircraft Fly'Out Helicopters Nagasaki Buzzard - 25 KG - $550000 Buckingham Maverick - 40 KG - $650,000 Maibatsu Frogger - 40 KG - $700,000 Buckingham Swift - 40 KG - $850,000 Buckingham SuperVolito - 40 KG - $980,000 Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon - 40 KG - $1,000,000 Buckingham Volatus - 40 KG - $1,500,000 Sandy Shores Aircraft Western Cuban 800 - 25 KG - $730,000 Western Duster - 25 KG - $750,000 Mammoth Dodo - 25 KG - $800,000 JoBuilt Mammatus - 40 KG - $950,000 JoBuilt Velum - 40 KG - $950,000 JoBuilt Velum 5-Seater - 40 KG - $950,000 LS Airport Aircraft Buckingham Vestra - 40 KG - $800,000 Buckingham Nimbus - 40 KG - $950,000 To-do list: Add graphics Update the thread to make it look more neat Credits: Nervous for the permission & vehicle codes. St3fan[NL] for the vehicle codes.
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    Name: Michael “Mike” Waters Birthdate: 16th September 1997 (22y old) Height: 5’9’’ | 1,80m Weight: 188lbs | 85kg Ethnicity: Caucasian Religion: N/A Origin: East Los Santos Alignment: Chaotic Good / Chaotic Neutral Michael is a man who tries to be as friendly and forthcoming with people as he can be. He has no issues chatting up total strangers and strike a conversation. He is genuinely nice if people show the same attitude towards him. (The “Good” part) Despite all this he has his very own world view and let’s nobody interfere with how he wants to live. He makes decisions based on short lived interests rather than well thought through plans which impacts his employment as well as general financial status. It also often gets him into trouble with the law when he enjoys thinks the state deemed not enjoyable (The “Chaotic” part). While he is friendly and open minded he does have tendencies to rebell. He spares no body part from tattoos. Considerations that should be made like how it impacts future employment never crosses his mind and instead he just does what he likes to do at that moment. He follows the law solely based on the fact that they reflect his personal morals. On topics where they don’t, he sees no reason to follow suit. This includes topics such as violence among consenting adults, the consumption of illegal substances as well as traffic violations. Michael has the potential to harm people but it will most likely never be because of cold hearted or profit oriented motives. Instead it will stem from passion, emotion or personal matter (The “Neutral” part that is still developing in his character) Background Story: Michael grew up in a two parent household in the eastern part of LS His mother was a stay-at-home while his father worked the docks He finished high school with subpar grades; never continued his educational career Started working at the docks right after his high school graduation Moved out of his parents house at the age of 19; 1st time confronted with living expenses Got into tattoo art as well as motorcycle riding (the latter was not affordable at the time) Inch by inch got himself more tattoos on his body and started to practice on himself Remained employed at the docks until the age of 21; Quit after that Everything from here on out is IC Found a position as trainee at the Alamo Tattoo Parlor Managed to afford his first motorcycle and got fully enveloped in this hobby Found a second interest in fishing (and water motorcycles aka Jets) Got bored due to the isolation of Sandy Shores Met a couple guys from the Devil's Bastards Motorcycle Club in Cypress Flats, East LS Found a more challenging trainee position at the Mirror Park Tattoo Parlor Decided to pack his bags and move out to El Burro Heights Rest is happening IC and will be documented by screenshots
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    Here is an image as an example of how meta the RP gets bend at times. I am just wondering - how far do we go? Should GTA:SA exist in GTA5 when in RP it should propably be just normal history and not a game? This also ties in with the question as to how much of our RL components should be part of the world we portray. We wouldn't Roleplay Heineken beverages or other RL brands if this would be a Lord of the Rings setting. So why is it acceptable to use RL brands in this setting? It's still it's own world with it's own lore brand and productwise. Just because Lord of the Rings is a middle age setting that wouldn't make it right to speak about Game of Thrones topics within that world just because "it's middle age too!" or talk about RL middle age stuff like real world history. Give me your thoughts. P.S.: I didn't intend to put anyone on the blast over this. That's why I tried to anonymize the picture as much as possible.
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    Nice Cars Finish Last Dale Manning & Los Santos Racing League At Saints Sports, we love seeing emerging new sports take the county by storm, and that's exactly what Dale Manning plans to do by introducing the 'Los Santos Racing League'. Rally sports have a rocky history in Los Santos, marred with low turnouts, difficult relationships with officials, and controversial issues arising from road closures and so on. None of these issues, however, concerned Dale Manning, who was absolutely certain of his capability to prove the hearts and minds of Los Santos wrong about the sport. Brushed with an air of optimism and confidence, it was time to delve into the minds of the masterminds behind the league. Deep into the wilderness of Blaine County, on roads that felt like a race in their own right, we found the haphazard base of operations for the league, and we spoke to Manning to discover more about his plans and the sport itself. Without further ado... So tell me a little how it works, are you all racing at the same time or one at a time? So what we are trying to establish is the Racing League of San Andreas. We want to primarily focus on concrete racing, but that is difficult. There aren't many locations and we aren't known on the scene yet, so for our first event, we chose to use a well-established rally stage. WIth one vehicle at a time. This has plenty of opportunities for us to prove we know how to handle an event like this, and hopefully build up some trust and reputation with drivers, emergency services and spectators. [You win] by having the best time on the clock, and we will have staff located throughout the site, and the track to ensure a smooth process for the evening. While we have big plans, at first, we need to prove who we are. So this is a test for you as much as it is the drivers? I think we are considering it as a test, yes. We know that this type of event has been clouded with mediocrity before. Not that I wish to speak ill of any other motorsport organisers. For the police, in particular, they haven't been impressed by previous organisers. And that has definitely come across during our application process. So we know that this is a test for us. And that is how we are treating it. So how did you convince them, what made you different? By being honest, open and professional. Maintaining good contact with all parties involved. The LSFD, LSPD, City Hall. Giving enough notice as well. We started the application process for this event over two weeks ago. More excitingly, what can spectators expect on Sunday? So what I hope for spectators they can see an event which is truly unique. That strikes with auto fans across the county. So the fee for drivers is for $5000. That covers us dealing with their safety work, installing a roll cage if the vehicle needs it and should give them at minimum three goes at the track as well as some practice time. For spectators, we are anticipating a price of around $2000 but we're going to see if we can push that down, The issue being we have to hire alot of staff to man this event. I suppose the only thing I want to say is that I want as much interaction as possible with people. I want them to come to watch, come drive and really support us. Come to one of our sign up events like tonight, or register with us on FaceBrowser. ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ So Los Santos, what do you think? Exciting, future sport to keep an eye on or a recipe for disaster? Let us know in the comments below, that's all from us for now. Saints News #ForSaintsBySaints Have FaceBrowser? Get Involved and Give Us A Like. Read Our City Guide! Saints News is not currently running advertisements due to ongoing restructuring attempts.
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    Very good thread, straight to the point no pointless walls of text. Supported.
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    ((Closed. The player is not supposed to own the said vehicle.))
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    My character has enjoyed interacting with characters from the faction on numerous occasions. Continue with the astonishing work! Posse'dem might be seeking a collaborative partnership in the future.
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    Yay for more ULSA characters! ? My character only met ONE other student on campus in 6-7 ooc months. She's graduated now, but would have been super jealous of Nessa's super rich parents.
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    Seeds are sold by the suppliers mentioned above. Kelp meal and other can be bought at Grapeseed at the farmers market.
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    Re-designed menu with some new drinks! We promised to bring you more exciting updates, so let's start with something smaller! Here's our visually updated menu that has some new drinks added as well. See you tonight @9PM! #thedungeon
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    I understand the issue with my suggestion. But for reference: I roleplayed in the tattoo parlor from 5pm servertime to around 8pm server time. I did one whole arm tattoo, one smaller chest tattoo and a tattoo removal. My earnings? 1650$ . And thats only because @Hal was generous and paid 1000$ out of the system. Removals apparently dont pay the employee. 1650$ (if it was up to the system 650$) for 3 hours? Thats not a incentive to roleplay a job. If if wasnt for me doing it out of character development, i wouldnt bother with it at all. So while I may not have provided the right solution, I at least hope the issue is understandable. Im not trying to get vinewood / mirror park rich from inking skin. But ~550$ per RL hour is not good. And I bet a 24/7 employee makes even less. EDIT: And if you think I excessively RPed everything out - I didn't. I try to keep things detailed but only to the point where it remains fun for people. I see no point in cuffing people to a tattoo parlor for 4 hours because I want to be "hardcore" and rp every lining I do. I value my fellow players time.
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    exactly the answer I was hoping for. I was told even rping an NPC in the screen i posted above is against the rules. Thanks bro!!
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    I just take it for what it is. A backpack costs $2,000 because it costs $2,000 -- I don't have to make sense of it, the same way that I don't have to make sense of why asparagus costs $7/lbs at my local downtown grocer vs. $3/lbs at a major chain store. I have a good idea as to why there's such a fluctuation of prices, but the price itself will never 'make sense', because I simply go with either what's cheapest, or what's most accessible in any given moment, depending on my mood of day, and my 'understanding' it doesn't change the price at all. So much discussion generates around notions of prices being 'absurd' in our in-game economy but the baseline for what we consider 'absurd' about these prices is determined by what we know in real-life: we tend to ignore that the income we generate in-game would also be flatly ridiculous, but most people aren't too concerned about reducing income levels as they are about 'exorbitant prices'. There is no 'real-life' to look towards for our characters to establish an example -- there is only the world they inhabit. What is it that they are comparing it to? In that respect, the complaints are wholly our own, and don't affect our characters at all; it's only affecting us because we allow it to. Some people will take the money they make at face value. Others (such as myself) are more interested in cultivating an 'appearance' we believe firmly establishes our characters as being part of a certain wealth bracket. I know that, realistically, my character isn't actually making $30,000~ a week as a police officer: somebody who thinks they are are no more right or wrong than I am; I'm the one who made a decision, and they are not breaching any server rules. Yet ultimately, whether you're taking it at face or contorting to fit a mold, you'll still be paying $2,000 for a backpack, $500 to enter a club, et al. You'll still have to conform to the prices of the server. As an anecdotal example, Grade A maple syrup for me (in Canada) costs about $7 a liter. In Europe, the price is somewhere closer to $35~ (taking the Euro $ exchange rate into account) per liter. To me, that seems absurd. But they aren't out there arguing that maple syrup is 'too expensive'. For Europeans, that's just the price of maple syrup. TL;DR Do what you want, try to be consistent about it.
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    I'm going to decrease prices a bit.
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    Pretty sure the majority of drugs flow through drug suppliers, which go through a process with FM. There's no concept of an "official" faction, just suppliers - typically there's a single supplier per faction. Any faction you interact with, at least the ones which are scripted, generally will have some sort of supplier.
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    I appreciate the effort a lot, dude.
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    A day in the life of Princess
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    Flexing on broke niggas with a stolen car?
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    Is there any way to request delete char? Cause I created a character with a wrong skin because when I was trying to pick the skin it won't change for some reason. And accidentally waste my money on surgery while trying to change my skin again while I was supposed to just go /buyskin in a clothing shop.
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    Amiyah isn't a new character at all, been wanting to make a thread and also asked to make one so I'll see how it goes. As Amiyah could easily be seen as just a ''Facebrowser girl'' which she isn't I think a thread will benefit me and the development. I'll give a compressed generalisation of what Amiyah has done, who she has been and now is. There's too much history to add so I've had to shorten it as much as I could. AMIYAH PELRINE General Backstory Amiyah Pelrine is originally from Long Island, New York. She was brought up financially well-off due to her entrepreneur father starting up his own restaurant business at a younger age, which then grew to become an Italian food franchise named ''Pelrine's". Due to her father's success, he would then have expectations of his children to follow in his footsteps as well as having his business ethic. Raised with one younger sister and three older brothers one could imagine that there was some sibling rivalry and competition when it came to impressing their demanding father - The brothers always came out on top. At the age of Nineteen, Amiyah decided to make her first independent life choice and that was to flee the nest and cushy lifestyle in New York. She moved to Los Santos after receiving her acceptance letter to Los Santos University with Business as her major. Settling in fairly quickly, Amiyah also rushed for one of the University's Sororities "Gamma Phi Beta". At this point in time Amiyah was a wide-eyed, ambitious and happy-go-lucky young socialite with the whole world at her fingertips. Thriving within the Greek Life she also met various interesting individuals some of which became her best and closest friends. Amiyah lived out her University years as the cliche party girl whilst maintaining her grades. Amiyah's hunger for popularity and social power began to grow. When Amiyah's University experience was coming to an end there was a shift. Amiyah never followed her best friend at the time when it came to boys and relationships, Amiyah was always your loyal one man woman and only had one boyfriend for most of her University experience. That relationship ended, but on positive terms and then she met someone new not long after. The new man in her life didn't treat Amiyah how she deserved and this pushed a cognitive change. No longer spending time with her University friends or even her Sisterhood, Amiyah was pulled into another social party scene but not quite as innocent. Through the entire relationship with her abusive and toxic boyfriend, Amiyah still stayed loyal and was forced to be stuck to his hip.. until she met Marcus Winters. Marcus Winters was and wasn't Amiyah's typical type, he was sweet but also sinister and this intrigued Amiyah. Seduced by Winters, Amiyah left her toxic boyfriend for him which sparked a lot of controversy against her and about the entire situation. For the time being Amiyah wasn't seen as the 'Innocent girl next door' type anymore as she had always been. Marcus introduced Amiyah to his world, a world with secrets and a lot of them. With some resistance at first, she slowly became comfortable with her life and how it was changing. Amiyah's hunger for popularity and social power began to grow once again. Amiyah patched up her social reputation and resumed the sweet but fierce and ambitious business woman persona. Amiyah had previous jobs and rather decent positions, but none all that worth mentioning other than the one path that would unknowingly begin to change Amiyah and shape her future. Sevencz. Amiyah was introduced to the infamous Hayden Zachary through Marcus Winters as they were good friends and had a lot of history. Hayden had taken a liking to Amiyah. At first she modelled for the clothing brand and hung out with the other faces that represented Sevencz too. Over some time Amiyah's social standing began to rise, she had seen, heard and done things no one would expect behind the scenes. Amiyah even branched off on the side for a short while to work on her own fashion that added to her well known reputation. After working with Sevencz for quite some time, Marcus and Amiyah took a long vacation however whilst they were gone their dear friend and colleague, Hayden Zachary was murdered. Sevencz was at a stand still. It took some time and planning out, but Amiyah, Marcus and Sevencz returned along with another long time fleet member, Isaiah Coleman. The three have joint ownership of the brand with different roles and parts to play. Working hard on the revival the three slowly brought back Sevencz to where it once stood and along the way adding long time fanboy, Dorian ''Rot Garden'' McNamara to the family. Currently Amiyah is running the majority of Sevencz by dealing with the models, design and the general image the brand holds. Sevencz now has a store in Hawick where she's regularly seen and doing business. Amiyah also has her side work in the beauty industry, you could say she has become a positive social influencer due to her well known online presence. Although her life isn't going quite as she expected, Amiyah is definitely successful and that is a figurative middle finger to her father back in New York. Amiyah is not the same person she used to be. A lot goes on behind the scenes which has began to weigh on Amiyah over time. A ticking time bomb is how someone close to Amiyah could describe her. She isn't just your cliche and general 'good girl gone bad', there is a whole lot more depth to her. Amiyah is a good person and genuinely wants to bring positive change but that is proving more difficult to do as certain forces influence her. Amiyah's hunger for popularity and social power is higher than ever. Screenshots will continue her story...
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    @Rat0verlord @AM @dani054 @##Breslin##
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    Nithercott Cosmetics: Oh! Fashion Oh! Fashion's Initial Sneak-peak Information via FB: LOOK-BOOK #1:
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