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    We all know it's bad not to roleplay injuries - being hit with a taser and running off as soon as you jump up without a substantial RP reason, for example, is bad form that's likely to get you a room in that lovely garage sitting below the map. However, my experience has been that there's a lot of room for interpretation and a bevy of misinformation surrounding exactly what sorts of injuries will incapacitate a person. How often have you seen this argument? "I shot so-and-so in the back, but they kept running, so they were powergaming." Without much knowledge of how firearms and/or human pain response work(s), one might erroneously believe the above statement to be true; furthermore, this brings us to a difficult judgment to make due to the limited capabilities of our engine and typing speeds, not to mention potential desync that can result in two individuals who make correct judgments based on the information they have - while also having conflicting judgments with regards to the situation due to no fault of their own. It's entirely possible someone may report me if I run away after being shot in the head, but I could easily claim that the part of my head they hit was my cheek, or an argument similar to that effect - and because I was not mechanically downed, I had no obligation to stop mid-flight and type out something (an action that would most certainly make future assault via firearm unrealistically easy for the aggressor.) My personal litmus test has been whether or not I'm rendered "down" by the script, barring a few exceptions (high-speed car crashes being one of them.) The rules really have nothing to say on the matter, and rooting through report after report to establish precedent isn't something players should have to do - with that in mind, what are your standards with regards to roleplaying injuries?
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    Picture by SgtDigglesworth on TrueAchievments.com Aviation Roleplay - A Simplified Guide By Griz So, you want to learn about aviation role play. You've come to the right publication! In this guide, I will outline the details of how to role play aviation properly in accordance with GTA World's server rules, also adding in some legalities from a real world perspective. The intent of this publication is to give you the tools you require to operate your aircraft safely and realistically, all while doing the most important thing: having fun! Let's dig in. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STEP 1: Purchasing an Aircraft You can purchase a fixed wing aircraft or helicopter at any of the dealerships located in this Vehicle Dealership Guide. You must know, if you don't already, that the prices for these machines are on the higher side. The lowest price for a Buzzard helicopter is $550,000. The prices for all other aircraft go up from there. STEP 2: Parking an Aircraft There are multiple locations on the map that allow for suitable aircraft storage. Below, you'll find some spots that one would reasonably keep their aircraft for safe storage. FIXED WING & HELICOPTERS Los Santos International Airport Sandy Shores Airfield Grapeseed McKenzie Airfield HELICOPTERS ONLY Public Helipads Farmland Privately Owned Fields Grass Areas on Private Property (Non-Residential Areas) STEP 3: Flying an Aircraft It goes without saying that the elevation in GTA V is not coincident with real world altitudes. 500 feet above the ground in GTA V is equal to roughly 1,000 feet above the ground in the real world. The ratio between GTA V and realism increases with altitude. 1,000 feet in GTA V is equal to roughly 3,000 feet in the real world, and so on. For the sake of simplicity, I'll be using GTA V altitudes in my examples. HELICOPTERS You should operate your helicopter at no less than 500 feet above the ground, unless you are taking off or landing. 500 feet obviously does not clear the multiple skyscrapers downtown, nor does it provide adequate clearance from the mountainous terrain around the map. So, try to stay 500 feet above whatever you're flying over. Example: Mirror Park is roughly 200 feet in elevation, so you should overfly Mirror Park at no less than 700 feet. This gives you adequate clearance from trees and other obstacles, also clearing you of a "flying too low" violation. You'll be safe at this altitude! Helicopters are very versatile aircraft. You can take them pretty much anywhere, which is a beautiful thing. You've paid enough for your new toy, so you should be able to do with it what you please. I agree with this, but, there are some realistic restrictions you must keep in mind. Landing in a backyard in Mirror Park is NOT acceptable, nor is it realistic by any means. You can, however, land on a secluded beach on the Eastern seaboard of the map. Considering a beach like that isn't a populated area, and you have adequate space to safely land your helicopter, you should be in the clear! Always keep in mind the following: 1. Can I land here safely? 2. Will doing so disturb anybody or anything? 3. Will landing or taking off here cause harm to anyone, including myself and my passengers? 4. Could I articulate and justify this landing to a staff member, should they inquire? If you've answered "yes" to all of these questions, you can probably proceed to land. Use sound judgment, and don't jeopardize your asset or good standing with the community. FIXED WING AIRCRAFT You should operate your fixed wing aircraft at no less than 1000 feet above the ground, unless you are taking off or landing. 1,000 feet obviously does not clear the multiple skyscrapers downtown, nor does it provide adequate clearance from the mountainous terrain around the map. So, try to stay 1,000 feet above whatever you're flying over. Example: the Vinewood sign is roughly 400 feet in elevation, so you should overfly the Vinewood sign at no less than 1,400 feet. Considering fixed wing aircraft cannot "stop" in the sky like a helicopter can, you should ensure your flight path keeps you clear of obstacles such as buildings, mountains, and populated areas. Always have a way to "get out" of undesired flight paths, such as flying too low near downtown. Your ability to escape these situations increases with altitude, so fly high! Fixed wing aircraft aren't as versatile as helicopters. You are restricted to only a handful of airports and landing strips. You should be thoughtful in how you approach these airports. Consider some of the following: 1. Do I have reasonable clearance from all obstacles on my approach? 2. Can I make it to the airport if my engine fails? 3. Will I come too close to any buildings or mountains? 4. Will I be flying too low over a populated area to make a landing? You must always consider all variables in a takeoff or landing. For example, taking off directly over the Vespucci neighborhood might not be the best idea. Consider taking off over the water, gaining altitude, and then fly over the Vespucci neighborhood at a reasonable altitude. That way, if something happens to your aircraft, you have enough time to make a turn back towards the airfield and land safely. Speaking of safe landings, let's talk about those for a moment. You are allowed to descend below minimum safe altitudes to make an approach and landing. One of the more complicated approaches to a landing is to runway 21 at Los Santos International. If you're flying a faster aircraft, like a Buckingham Nimbus, your turning radius is restricted and you need more room to fly a safe approach. I've attached a video on how to properly approach and land on runway 21 in a high speed aircraft. As we've discussed, you can descend below a safe cruising altitude to land at an airport or airfield. We do that in this video. In a smaller, slower aircraft such as a JoBuilt Velum, you could easily turn over the beach and land on runway 21 that way. However, that isn't the case for an aircraft such as the Nimbus. In the video, we keep adequate distance from buildings and mountainous terrain. As we descend lower, we are near the Downtown area. However, if we needed to abandon the approach, we could easily turn to the right and fly out over the water. This allows us the opportunity to avoid the buildings downtown should we encounter an emergency. Now you've seen the most complicated approach into Los Santos International. Let's talk about the more simple approaches, like those to runways 33R, 33L, 12L, 12R, and 3. All of these approaches come in from over the water, which provide you unlimited obstacle clearance. Take a look at the airport diagram below (Credits to MaksymDesigns on GTAForums) If you were to make a takeoff or landing from runways 33L, 33R, 12L, 12R, you'd be over the water, free from any obstructions or buildings. These runways make for a safe takeoff or landing at any time. If you were to depart from runway 3, you'd fly over Puerto Del Sol and the Vespucci area, so be careful if you choose to depart from this runway. Avoid taking off from it especially at night; It is a noise-sensitive neighborhood, and I highly doubt the residents would appreciate a loud airplane taking off over their neighborhood at 2 AM. You can land on runway 3 at any time, considering the approach comes in over the water. Let's talk about some rational decision making. You probably shouldn't land a fast jet on the dirt strip at Grapeseed. One, you won't make it. Two, you'd go down in history as the worst pilot ever. You can take your small Velum or Mammatus in there all day long, but make sure your approach is stabilized and you aren't going too fast! Always give yourself adequate distance to approach the runway at a straight in angle. You don't want to be in a turn as you're coming over the beginning of the runway. You probably won't make it. STEP 4: Communicating in your Aircraft Our wonderful development team has given aircraft and their operators a dedicated command (/atc) to communicate with other aircraft. When you're moving your aircraft in any way, you should broadcast what you're doing over the UNICOM frequency (/atc). For example, if I intend on taking off from Los Santos International from runway 33R, I would say something similar to this: "LSI traffic, Mammatus 123 departing runway 33R, turning to the Northeast". You should include in your broadcasts the following: 1. who you are, 2. where you are, 3. what you're doing. There's no need to speak a novel over the radio. Keep it simple and concise. All you're doing is alerting other aircraft of your position, and in turn, avoiding a collision with other aircraft. You should communicate takeoffs, landings, and prolonged activity over a particular area. Additionally, you should pay attention to what others are saying so you can avoid their location. If you are ever intercepted or interrogated by a law enforcement aircraft, acknowledge them over the UNICOM frequency (/atc) and follow their direction. They could be instructing you to avoid a particular area, or to land for violating aviation regulations. Simply put, do what they say and you won't have any problems. STEP 5: Enjoying your Aircraft Like I've said before, owning and operating your own personal aircraft should be fun and enjoyable. After all, this is a game! We should keep in mind, however, that this is a strict role play community. We want to maintain a level of realism in all that we do. So, following these simple steps will help you keep your aircraft and ability to fly. This guide may not reflect the discretion of GTA World's staff members, so use caution and practice safe flying habits so you don't ruin this niche roleplay for the rest of us. Fly your aircraft responsibly, take off and land responsibly, and park your aircraft at a reasonable location. A parking garage would not be a suitable spot for a helicopter, nor would the Olympic Freeway be reasonable for a fixed wing aircraft. Use good judgment and have fun. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As aviation role play becomes more popular, updates and amendments will be made to this guide to reflect the rules and wishes of GTA World Management. Should you have any questions about aviation, please send me a message or find me on Discord (Griz#9174). Additionally, if you have any additions you'd like to make to this guide, please feel free to post them as a reply to this topic. I'll always be happy to take the opinions and contributions of others who enjoy aviation as I do. Safe flying!
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    The Knzayev — Volkov Network is a small, ragtag group of Russian immigrant criminals who reside, work and criminally operate in the impoverished neighborhoods of Westside Los, which itself is an impoverished district of Los Santos, San Andreas.While the The Knzayev — Volkov Network originates in Los Santos, a major city on the west coast of the United States and the largest city in San Andreas, the individual members of the group have personal, financial and logistical ties to multiple cities and towns in Russia and across Europe. These cities and towns include Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk. Almost all of the members from Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk have had transnational criminal connections to ethnically Serbian organized crime groups in the past, where they were involved with smuggling tax-free tobacco products, illicit narcotics and firearms across the Serbia - Romania border via the Danube River in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Almost all of the members from Moscow are former amateur athletes and ex street gang members from street mobs in the impoverished Golyanovo district. These street mobs were largely founded by amateur athletes in the mid to late 1990s before they were eventually absorbed by Russian Mafia clans throughout Moscow.A small amount of the The Knzayev — Volkov Network's members have been living along the west coast of the United States since the mid to late 1990s. They were either former volunteer fighters in Russian paramilitary groups in Bosnia and Croatia or were socioeconomic immigrants directly from Russia who were seeking a higher standard of living and higher quality of life after the fall of communist USSR. However, the vast majority of members are fairly recent ethnically russian immigrants who have came to the west coast of the United States from Russia between the years of 2010 to 2015. As many of the members are young and fairly inexperienced, the group lacks any sort of strong ties to organized crime groups operating within Russia. The only members of the group who maintain criminal connections, albeit very loose ones, to Russia are the oldest ones and their only connections are to their old street gangs in the capital. The Knzayev — Volkov Network regularly maintains a membership count of 15 to 20 men and has since its founding back in 2017, and its members have freely came and gone over the years. The older members of the group almost all have military and paramilitary training from fighting in Bosnia and/or Croatia in the early to mid 1990s, and are also hardened criminals because they've spent around 20 years involved with organized crime within Russia and the United States thus far. Some of the younger members have military training from the Russian Army and the Russian Air Force and Air Defense and other military apparatus, as conscription in the Serbian Armed Forces was mandatory up until 2008. The Knzayev — Volkov Network as a whole is criminally active within the small and barely growing communities of former Eastern Bloc socioeconomic immigrants in Westside Los. Because it has positioned itself in an awkward place, that is, in a district of the city which is predominately resided in by impoverished Latino Americans, African Americans and Caucasian Americans, it has had a fairly difficult time in drawing in new members over the years. The group actively recuits ethnically russian immigrants in all Westside Los communities who were originally from Russia, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia.The small and disorganized group has remained well under the radar of the Los Santos Police Department since its founding 2 years ago, and even though some of their members have served time in the Men's Central Jail and Twin Towers Correctional Facility for misdemeanor convictions, these crimes were not traced back to the group. In order to financially and logistically provide for itself, it is active in the sale of tax-free tobacco, illicit narcotics and stolen firearms throughout Westside Los and some areas of West Beach along with South Central. It's clientele for purchasing illicit narcotics and stolen firearms consists of blacks, whites and Latinos, almost all of whom are drug addicts, gangbangers, prostitutes and petty crooks.
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    Character Name: Helena Dimakos Forum Name: Pixel Discord Name: sixdolallarshoe#6202 Property ID: 1750 Property Type (House/Business): Business Current interior ID:10 Number of Interior You Want on the List: 70 (( WIth modifations/mapping. Here is a video walk through of what we would modify to make it fit. )) Price of Interior: Doesn't Say Location of Property: Del Perro Brewing Company, Del Perro Pier Screenshot of the Exterior of your house: I, PIXEL, have the cash on hand (depends how much it is) and I am ready to receive the property request change. I agree to all the rules and understand that I may be subject to denial/punishment if I disobey the rules.
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    I can speak for all of us when I say we appreciate that a lot! ❤️
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    DJA$AP House Party #A$AP
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    Dreary Mornings 25 down Main Street Trailer Park Royalty
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    This is lit no cap, makes me feel like LSRP all over again.
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    Personally, common courtesy is the main thing I usually run with. Let's say a guy shoots my character in whatever body part by RP-ing so, I don't mind RP-ing it to the fullest. If they went through the details to RP it, I don't mind providing further detailed RP for them, as it's only fair. On the other hand, if a person hops out on me and opens fire without specifying where he hit me and he does hit me wherever, I'll simply RP the area of the bullet striking me and go on from there. If it's a heavier caliber though, like a 5.56 or a 7.62, I'll most likely halt and RP, as being hit by multiple high caliber rounds usually puts someone down. To put it blunt, if a person puts in time to do detailed RP of shooting me in a specific part, I'll gladly RP it to the fullest in the area of where my character's been shot. If the person doesn't specify while shooting me and I get away by any chance, I'll RP the /damages. If it's a headshot, I'll RP it as a graze unless I was put into BW. Car crash wise, I RP everything to the fullest. My character revolves around cars so any car slight crash, I usually RP through unless it's a desync issue. You can usually tell the two apart, so it's not a major issue.
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    Some people are faster than others, and if you leave that up to players to RP out, you're going to see the resurgence of every character being a grizzled military veteran. That's a big no from me, dawg. Let a player's reflexes decide; it's better than any other solution short of forcing mechanical stats.
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    Thank you everyone for the support, for the screenshots and for sticking around. Sandy Shores is great again!
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    I think I'm gay now. Wanna exchange pics? This guide is fucking awesome.
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    * Avila Zavala wanders the barrio, taking pictures, trying to see beauty in the place she once wanted to escape so badly. The camera was a gift from her first real friend, a friend who has already escaped Rancho, who escaped for the same reasons Avila's mother escaped. There are safer places than the Southside, prettier places, places you can raise a family. But there is no escaping for Avila. Everyone else can leave, but she will stay behind. They can leave in airplanes and boats, they can leave in handcuffs, they can leave in ambulances and coffins. But she's given pieces of herself away, and now she has to wait for them to return. When they do, she will be here.
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    Feature Showcase: Kidnapping Description You can now kidnap players through a request or If they're wounded / dead. The kidnapped player will: Not be able to open his map Not be able to see his radar Not be able to see anything around him (full black screen) If the vehicle is destroyed, the kidnapped player will die. If the trunk is opened, then the player will be visible. Commands /trunkkidnap - Sends a kidnap request to a target, or puts a wounded player in the trunk. /trunkaccept - Accepts a kidnap request, place your character into the trunk and in blackscreen mode /trunkdeny - denies the kidnap request /trunkremove - Removes a player from the trunk
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    Starting a thriving faction is no picnic and will require dedication, motivation and a hefty time-investment from you. While I may not have a faction here on GTAW (yet at least), I do have experience both running a faction and being a member of a faction. Sure, anyone can start a faction, slap a quick forum thread together and pray for the best, but as we all seen hundreds of times, most factions fail and few will grow into a healthy, steady group. I've compiled a small list of things you should think about before starting it all up, some tips, a few ideas and a couple of my thoughts. Obviously there's way more to it, but here's a couple of things. So, let's dive right into it and see what we got: 1. Don't make your OOC friends co-leaders. Sure, we all want people to play with and even though your friend might be a good guy, he's probably not the best man for the job. Ranking/hierarchy should be entirely IC. Not only is it extremely demotivating to see a random guy suddenly grab the seat you've been gunning for, but it's also a liability if the person is a poor roleplayer or rarely active. I'm not saying your OOC friends can't reach the position or co-leaders can't be your ooc friends, I’m just saying it should happen IC and not over discord. 2. Think long-term A faction should constantly develop, evolve and grow into something else than it was when you started. In my opinion, it’s more than fair to set high goals or dream big. For an example, creating a “robbery faction” or a “carjacker faction” is too specific and will quickly die out and become boring-and-repetitive, think bigger and broader. Which leads me to my next point: 3. Provide activities for your members Your members need something to do. Even though it should be up to the individual to create his or her own roleplay, not everyone is equally skilled at it. You should lead by example and offer opportunities and passive roleplay. If your members have a good time, they will be motivated to host and start their own activities. Some examples: Weekly fishing trips, Sunday-night poker games, hood brawls, cee-lo games on the block or a house party. Remember, even though you may be portraying a gang or a criminal association, your character is still a human being. Shootouts and robberies die out quickly. 4. Give your members a sense of pride and accomplishment by allowing them to progress in your faction. I know that came off as an EA joke, but seriously though. Even if your faction is a tight, closed-group family faction you’d still have to roleplay with other people. You should make a big deal out of a member reaching his next rank, you should pay attention when a member is attempting to impress you and you should reward them if they’ve done a good job. A faction with no room for development is a boring faction with no incentive for a new player to join. 5. Designate an activity hub / hood for your faction. A gang with a turf will naturally have their hub but other kind of factions may not. If you’re running, say, an Italian mafia, consider buying a restaurant or designating a park. A new potential member interested in joining your faction should be able to find you. A current member should be able to find other members without going to /f. Point is, create an area with more or less constant roleplay and even more roleplay will come to you and your members. 6. Invest yourself in the faction If you’re planning on going on a 2 week vacation next month, don’t make a faction. If you only play during weekends, don’t create a faction. If you only play every other day, don’t create a faction. Again, lead by example, remain active, available and dedicated or you’ll lose. Post internal guides for your members, give them tips on how to better portray their character or post relevant videos. Allow your members to roleplay with you and see your skills in action. You get the idea. 7. Screenshots matter Keep your faction thread active with fresh, high quality screenshots with good roleplay. Most of your new potential members will browse the various threads, they will pick the one they like and they will judge yours based on your screenshots. Make sure your thread shows your faction from the best side, not your worst. Instruct your members to do the same. 8. Form outside connections and provide roleplay for non-members. You cannot roleplay solely with your own faction, not only will it get boring after a while, you’ll go nowhere and reach no one. You will have to form outside alliances, you’ll need plugs and hookups for items and you’ll need customers if you’re planning on selling things. Point is, you may be a super-tough street gang, but you cannot be hostile to everyone. Even the toughest gangs in real life needs other people. Especially at the beginning! Be open and inviting. 9. Try to find a niche / create a unique idea. If you’re aspiring for the “official status” you will have to do better than everyone else does. Having a direct “competitor” will only make it harder for yourself. For an example, starting yet another Mexican gang would be suicide at this point (05/12/2017). One of the current official factions “The Manno Crew” is a great example of a unique faction that stands out and naturally draws attention. Feel free to add more points or let me know if I’m wrong. Obviously, you don’t have to follow these points to the letter and if your intention isn’t getting big or official you don’t have to follow these points religiously. The goal is to have fun after all, so make sure you actually have fun.
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    So here is a short list of some 1-word emotions, facial expressions or "direct facial action verbs" to help with better expressing your character through single-word /me's and /ame's. The more variation and uniqueness we can get in, the better roleplay for all of us. Especially useful for non native-speakers, like myself. All of these can be expressed through a /me. Such as "/me smiles", but things such as "/me reveals a wide smile" can be used too with great results. You can even combine words, such as “/me cocks his eyebrows before bursting into laughter” Happy mood: smiles winks giggles chuckles cackles laughs chortles grins smirks blushes Sad mood: cries sniffs weeps sobs sighs flaunts bawls inhales sniffles Angry/pain/embarrassed mood: screams/yells/shouts snarled groans grunts winces growls scowls glares gnarls juts frowns sulks sneers Other/non assorted: sniffs stares ogles gazes peeps nods squints sneezes peeks pouts Obviously way more exists, so please help expand the list. Words such as "jogs", "runs", "punches" and such are not emotions/facial expressions, but rather just actions. They must work standalone/independent from other words, otherwise they don't count on this list ;)