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    So I've been around for a week or two now, and comparing the experience on this server versus FiveRP has left me a bit cold in some areas, but warming up to other aspects of what the server has to offer. For example: The fact that there are more scripted jobs and businesses seems to be a good thing. Though many seem niche and the focus on mining, mechanics and metallurgists makes it feel more like Detroit than a California city, but the end result is fun so I wouldn't begrudge the server that - it's even allowed me to take my character in a bit of a different direction that ties in with how blue-collar I'd intended him to be. Entrance fees (and bars in general) drive me up a wall. There's only so much suspension of disbelief I can handle when simply wandering into a bar can cost upwards of two hundred dollars and the beer itself seems to be fifty bucks a bottle. Compared to other consumables at the 24/7, that seems more than a tad high. When my new character bling drops out and I'm down to making a base $800 per check from the job my character has, I'm really going to think twice about going to them - which is fine if the point of all that is to dissuade bar RP from becoming too prolific (FiveRP had a problem with 95% of the social congregation being in bars) but I suspect that may not have been the intent. In a nutshell: why is this? I'll be bouncing in and out of this thread with more as I notice it, so stay tuned, but maybe some of you can help me with #2.
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    Great videos, keep posting!
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    @Airwolf Exactly, it's a roleplay server, not a job simulator. Players who abused the system would be punished, similar to how they are being punished right now for AFKing, etc.
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    Pretty much. The entire point of playing in a fictional universe (even if it's close to reality like GTA V) is to **NOT DO WHAT YOU ALREADY DO IRL**. If I wanted to do a desk job, instead of coming online and /me'ing that I sort files and send e-mails to stakeholders, because I gotta "WORK TO DESERVE MY MONEY BECUZ HEVY RP FAM", I would just go back to the office and work overtime. And I'd make some really nice RL money, instead of GTAW bucks. Some RP jobs are interesting, they create cool storylines, develop your character, and more. But it's not the case of every single RP job available. Some of them are tedious, repetitive, and create, very little RP value. As such, I'm not saying they should be removed or anything, but maybe people should stop seeing those as the panacea that will bring great RP to the whole universe either. I would more encourage to see the entire thing from a higher perspective. "You gotta deserve your money!" is a mindset that works IRL (well, it's starting to show its limits but whatever)... But in an RP game, the idea isn't to "deserve" anything. It is to create interesting RP and stories. Therefore, money becomes a tool to enhance and provide background to those stories... It's not an end and should neither be seen as such, or as some sort of "reward" given for those who do tedious / uninteresting stuff. Especially if said stuff doesn't create RP (or not a lot).
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    This is a great idea. Will forward.
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    Updated post, also gonna be replying to this post everytime a new video is uploaded so that it doesn't get archived by those devious admins ;)
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    I agree with you that RPG jobs are a bad thing and take people away from RP. Coming from a SAMP community that had paychecks and jobs that paid peanuts, I've seen how toxic job grinding can really be to RP servers. However, players aren't forced go job grind here from what I've seen. The initial $5000 allows you to have $200k worth of spending money, which means you can get a decent house + vehicle, or two/three vehicles depending on your needs. As someone who changes his character's clothing at least once a day and goes to businesses whenever they're open, I've not found any reason to grind at all. The same SAMP server mentioned above switched from peanut paychecks to $5000 an hour, and in some respect was good, but also enabled a lot of the fantasy RPers to be driving around in fully modded/ridiculous sports cars, making the city full of bland characters. It also didn't stop one of the major issues on that server (from my perspective) which was people spending hours job grinding and not RPing, so they 'could be rich', defeating the point of a RP server. From personal experience I do agree with you about scripted jobs taking people out of RP. However I think the economy is reasonably balanced here, and once 'setup', sustaining a character on paychecks alone isn't too hard. Raising paychecks have other implications (from firsthand experience) in the long term. There should be some initiative to enable more RP jobs and an RP based economy, I think this is entirely feasible just not fully realised yet. Hopefully didn't go too off topic from the OP with this - thought this was worth throwing in the discussion.
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    Great screens. Feels like the next official faction tbh!
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    I feel like I've posted about this issue somewhere before. Most definitely made a point on Discord. Repeated advertisements should count as spam tbh.
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    You're on the right track, however I think the piece you're missing is the buy in from the character whom you wish to CK with valid RP reasons. Ending another player character's story should never be up to anyone but the player character themselves, unless they've agreed to the terms and RP. I've always been one who said that if my character is killed for a valid RP reason that is story driven and not menial (eg: a botched attempt to flee from a robbery, hitting a telephone pole due to desync, being punched...to death) that I'd probably CK. But that is my choice, not anyone else's. If someone comes to me via PM and brings it up, I either agree to it or don't agree to it, simple as that. And remember, MGing is for losers. When you join certain organizations, you willingly accept that your choice is decided once you reach a certain level in that organization. But it's still a choice you as the player make. Having beef with someone without oodles and caboodles of roleplay to justify their death doesn't fly with me. However, if I knowingly put my character into harm's way for the sake of RP, or join an organization who gets my CK perms, then that is a conscious decision made by me. Leaving it up to admins and the player who wants the other CK'd without their permissions seems a bit dumb.
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    I really like the idea and as you said it could definitely lead to some unique and interesting RP scenarios, but I fear it would be rarely used and with a very high potential of abuse (even with the harsh restrictions) I'm on the fence about this is. While it could be good, I feel like it's impractical and will need a huge amount of micromanagement for a very limited amount of people.
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    Spyder stiiiiiill active in Davis.
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    Money Laundering Johnny, a recently made man within the Luppino Organization, gets approved of a lease on a garage in the city, called Auto Exotic Garage. Johnny is going to use the business as another front for the Luppino's. The Luppino's use and control, various businesses around the city, they use these businesses to launder money they make from other illicit business deals, they do behind closed doors. It also help's keep law enforcement off their backs when they need to explain where they got the money from to purchase expensive properties and vehicles.
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    On my mind "Sometimes it feels like I've got a war in my mind. I want to get off, but I keep riding the ride. I never really noticed that I had to decide to play someone's game or live my own life." "Dear Diary, Ugh. That's how i've felt that past couple of days just.. Ugh. Yesterday Holly came back in town since her school stuff is all finished. I was so excited to hear she was coming back. Troy picked her up and we all hung out with Joe and Lou.. Lui... I don't really remember his name I do remember everyone just calling him asshole. Hol and Troy were getting along real well that night, not like I mind they known each other since before Troy and I even started dating. But I also know both of them well enough and I know exactly what they've done in the past. Just really didn't have a good feelin about it. After the little get together I go to hang out with Joe for a little since Holly and Troy went to sleep. Oh did I mentioned I offered for her to stay at our place? Cause I did. Anyways so went to see Joe for a little - he's my night owl buddy, we both always stay up real late so we just hang out and night either making fun of each other or even we baked a pie at like 1am one night. Went I went back home and got ready for bed I walk into the bedroom and what do I see? Troy and Holly both passed out in MY bed. Well it's Troy's bed actually but THAT DOESN'T MATTER! Holly was fully clothed so I guess that made me not take my bat and beat them both. But it just really hurt to see y'know? I couldn't sleep that night. Today I confronted him about it and obviously he denied anything, but what guy wouldn't? "Oh yeah she came in and we started banging." Yeah right! He saw how annoyed I was and took me out to go riding on ATV's? I thought it was a dirt bike, but Brooke said that its called an atv. He is really good at doing all kinds of tricks on them.. as for me? I got mine stuck in a ditch for trying to copy him. That was fun and it was nice spending the day with him, but I still have my suspicions? That's valid right? I'm not crazy. When Troy went to sleep I spent the night sitting outside and listening to music, I laid in the backyard for a bit than sat out in the front yawn after. Vinny came walking by and we ended up talking for a while. He is.. Mysterious? He said he ain't like for people to know who he is and stuff. Pretty cool. We kinda read my fortune? I don't know how to explain it? He like told me how I was feeling just by looking at my face??? Was pretty spooky but gave me a whole lot more to think about. OH! That's not even the weirdest part of the night! We saw a girl go running by being chased by a car. When the car ended up leaving I went to go see if she was okay right? She looked so scared of me and yelled something like "Get away! I don't want another broken jaw." Her face looks a little familiar but I have no idea who the hell she is? And I never broke someones jaw before! I'm going to sleep now. Ugh." -Xoxo Charlie Simpson
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    I must say all the best for the Morina & Co. construction company. Today they were renovating our first animal rescue station in Paleto Bay.
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    My first day. My first day here, was interesting to say the least. I'm happy it turned out that way, because if I'd just decided to take a fag break anywhere else I wouldn't have met him, and probably not met any of the wonderful people here I can call my friends. The man I'm talking about is a New Jersey-ite called Randy. I don't know his full name, but I don't suppose that matters. As I said, it was interesting how we met. I was standing next to my rental car, smoking a cigarette, when I hear someone smacking something. I look around, and there he is, a crazy, tracksuit-wearing American man. I watched him intriguingly, eventually asking him what happened. He told me that the sweets machine had stolen his quarter, and that he was trying to get it back. We ended up having a good conversation, and after telling him I had no idea where my motel was, he helped me drive there. I'd officially made my first friend in Los Santos. The gumball machine that fell victim to Randy's attack, hahaha.
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    AYYYYYY Long time no see.
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    ''Just exchange bags''