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  2. eTaylor

    I've evaded once during my character's lifetime, and that evasion wasn't even a mile and involved a DUI and drug charges. As a result, every time I'm pulled over I have a police helicopter, an interceptor, a K9 truck and DRE on primary conctact. It doesn't really bother me, I only find it kind of unrealistic on account of the resource cost but beyond that they don't cost any money IG, so why shouldn't they be able to use them? The point I'm making here is that in this scenario the police is deploying resources to prevent escape instead of stacking resources to respond with repression. Why isn't that done in Chamberlain? If I'm stopped the police pull everything out to prevent something, but they maintain a reactive response in south central. Acknowledging their OOC purpose, IC the police are here to enforce the law, if you break the law they aren't suppose to let you get away with it. You don't simply walk up to a person and shoot them in the face without any regards for the world around you and think nothing is going to happen to you. But that's exactly what happens, because the police just pretend like it's normal and kind of only react to what they register. Crime is with risk and people doing crime should calculate that risk, but there isn't any real risk. Not that I experience. Shooting people is too easy to get away with, even with the forensic script. It is quite obvious you don't have to calculate anything at all and just have to make sure a car doesn't drive past while you're doing your crime spree assuming that the police would kindly wave at you as you pass by. It's a general fact that you don't fuck with the government and the law because they will fuck you over in the most worst possible way. Why isn't that extended to urban enforcement? So what ever happened to subtle crime and covert ends? If you want to blow shit up and go wild like Jesse James then you should expect being butt-fucked by various agencies, yet you aren't.
  3. JaycoXO

    I’ve heard the same opinion from my good friend. He too believe that money should be spread through IC jobs. Yet I argued that some people play in morning times where finding someone to RP with is very rare. So their only true option is to work scripted.
  4. Law

    In the past, some old and uncapped scripted jobs caused an imbalance in economy. I also don’t think removing the money cap for scripted jobs makes the server more fun, if you want to earn more, join an established faction/business. Each to their own but I’d rather see competition within a job than have a monopoly. That’s just my opinion though and I hope some other replies change your view on the topic. I do think that maybe another scripted job could be added for variety but it shouldn’t be a money bed, more so for roleplay. An example being a bank teller which was planned at one point. It’d be simple social roleplay for characters who want money but are too educated to be tossing crates or bin bags into the back of trucks.
  5. pateuvasiliu

    Except everyone starts with no money, and it makes no sense for my Doctor character to fish. And you can't open a business without money, so you need to fish. Chicken, egg.
  6. JaycoXO

    I appreciate your opinion. Regarding fishing - I never said I expected fishing to make you a millionaire. All I said is to improve upon the system. You don’t need a boat to make it fun. Add more fish, create a fishing store to buy better rods, backpacks and bait. That’s having fun.
  7. jesscatXD

    Character name: Jazmyn Hollo UCP name: jesscatXD (Discord name?): jesscatXD#1996 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): Location of property (address or screenshot of map): NOTE - If applicable, please detail which room and floor. 2601 Bridge Street - Back Door Entrance. Screenshot of teleport entrance: https://imgur.com/LQHchj7 Screenshot of teleport exit: https://imgur.com/Wz7yNxK Teleport type (balcony, backdoor, business TP, etc): Backdoor Entrance
  8. Yavina

  9. Syrike

    Fishing is limited now because of how the system was being abused, there is no "Cock blocking" Involved. This is a roleplay server where you are expected to have reasonable character development. We cannot use boats for fishing yet as RAGEMP does not currently allow us to make use of the anchor command. The trash job does need a rework, yes. Rent trucking exists for new players to be able to start out, they don't get the full payout to make trucking companies an attractive prospect. Anyone Rping as a trucker who only uses rented vehicles is nothing more than a part time Courier. There is also the ability to work in stores, brew alcohol and as you said, drive taxis, a job that does need some tweaks that have been suggested in the suggestion section, demand is hard to create here as players need to want to use a taxi.
  10. KinnyWynny

    Just a few examples I wanted to add. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/mar/02/los-angeles-police-shoot-dead-homeless-man-grabbed-gun https://www.laweekly.com/the-militarization-of-police-started-in-los-angeles/
  11. Currently as far as I know, there are one main job called Trucking (also referred to as Courier). This job has a decent payout, and a fair combination between the interactions to payout ratio. Meaning you do some interactions (besides from driving) and you get some good money. The more you do the job, the better the money. On the other hand, since the past few weeks we had seen an influx of new truckers - rushing to work and collect some hard earned money. This influx created close to none job, if you get on the wrong time of the server you might get 1-2 trucking offers with 6+KM on them. Regarding other side-jobs; The trash job is easily the hardest one, you make many interactions during each run, and the money is bad compared to the amount of work you got to put in. Fishing is nice, but it has a hard cap on it. Meaning even if you enjoy fishing, you won’t get more than ~2k for every 15-25 mins. And I heard a rumour about another mysterious job called the Taxi driver but let’s not get in there. My suggestions: Create more (at least 2) scripted jobs. Make them server reliant - meaning just like trucking it has things to do with other players. (eco system) Improve upon fishing, stop cock blocking the fishermen and women just because you afraid they make some money that way. It’s a game after all - we need to have some fun. Either cut the amount of trash needed for a full trash run. Or increase the payout. Remove the ability to work as a rent Trucker. Yes it will create monopoly over Trucking, but that’s the best we can do to lower the amount of truckers. Please discuss.
  12. Giles

    Generally, insults against police officers are protected by the 1st Amendment so long as they are not construed as a threat towards the officer. However, they can still easily find a way to arrest you be it through disorderly conduct, obstruction or similar charge depending on the situation. Generally an average to decent lawyer will be able to fight those charges, especially if they were just over petty insults. So long as they can't be perceived as an actual threat towards the officer, there shouldn't be any major charges. Still doesn't change the fact that they can find a way to arrest you over little things, so yes it's very possible to happen. Many times its done just to make your life more difficult for giving them trouble, but this does happen in real life. Happens all the time. This is not a dig towards PD officers in the server, just laying out some general information to raise awareness on a topic being discussed.
  13. Yavina

  14. KinnyWynny

    Isn’t it kind of a conflicting point saying that PD’s fear RP is abysmal, but also complaining when PD brings 3-4 cruisers to every situation? If I was an officer who feared for my life, I’d like some backup so the guy I pulled over doesnt shoot me because he has dope in the car. It’s not inherently unrealistic either. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theatlantic.com/amp/article/383681/ https://www.lsureveille.com/daily/opinion-police-training-in-us-makes-officers-paranoid-fearful/article_03eab8f2-c777-11e4-b2e4-a7fdef82b793.html And Officers totally can arrest you over insults. Yeah it’s unconstitutional, but it happens. Cops in the US are very... whats the phrase... hit or miss?
  15. Capslock

    Still for sale this one, any offers?
  16. Copacetic

    Alright boys and girls. I'm so happy that this thread has received the attention it has. That being said, it's important for us all to remember that this isn't a bash thread meant to point out every perceived wrong doing by either side. The goal of this thread is for people to recognize an issue and provide a solution for that listed issue. Your answers should be well thought out, constructive, and simple if possible. The goal is to use this thread to improve, not just list issues. Some things I've gathered; 1. Focus more on RPing a character on both sides 2. PD and SD shouldn't over saturate scenes unless it's for dangerous/major situations 3. Criminals should focus a little more on portraying a realistic attitude towards crime and getting caught. 4. Your newly formed gang doesn't have street cred and you shouldn't act like it does. Earn the respect and fear you want people to show you, don't expect it. 5. RESPECT EACH OTHER OOCLY AND DO YOUR BEST TO CREATE GOOD RP FOR EVERYONE
  17. Today
  18. Crommissar

    Character name: Mathias Axelsen UCP name: Crommissar (Discord name?): Crommissar#6122 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 4045 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 2237 Bay City Ave. Screenshot of Teleport Entrance: Screenshot of Teleport Exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Balcony (There was already a teleportation point linked to this balcony but I wanted to custom map it myself, an admin came and deleted the old teleport point before changing my interior so there shouldnt be a problem.)
  19. sio

    I think the main issue is that because there isn't an "application" to become an illegal RPer (AKA anyone can buy drugs, buy a gun, mug someone, or assault a person if their RP is bare minimum) you are more likely to run into bad roleplayers on the criminal side of things, however, the LEO factions have a "barrier for entry" and I think that people expect more of them for that. As someone who has mostly played a civilian on GTAW my interaction with the police has been very hit or miss. They are either extremely talented RPers who understand that they are playing a character and not a videogame or people who can certainly spell and are literate but completely miss the point of storytelling - who are in it to win, which is why they approach every situation with an unfair amount of force. It's been talked about before in the thread, but six officers showing up to deal with one homeless shoplifter is very much a thing that happens (I was there for that, I was the cashier of the store that was getting pickpocketed). Or having to call in 3-4 extra cruisers as backup for pulling over random mallrats. I think that the police would be better off if they tempered their expecations, as Henning said above me: This is a very valid point! Don't police prefer to de-escalate and then respond accordingly? Naturally I'm not a police officer, but that's what I would assume. I'm reminded of an event I once witnessed: now, the area in the UK that I live has had a very historic dislike for the police institution here to the point where youths (aged 13-19) will throw rocks, mud, and sometimes fireworks at armored police vans. I have never once seen the police react back to this in an aggressive manner, infact, once they complete their business in that neighborhood they usually just leave. I feel like if that happened on GTAW the police would brandish shotguns or rubber bullets and start firing, or stage a mass arrest. Or simply try to posture with fancy militarized equipment. Now, I understand that we are dealing with an equivalent to the real life LAPD and Sheriff organization for our fictional Los Santos but.. it does come to the point where the police are so focused on being perfect OOC so everything must have an over the top response, and every little provacation is cause for an arrest or detainment.. I've seen people arrested for insulting police officers, for Christsakes. Once again, not American, but I'm pretty sure that's unconstitunional. Also, as I've said, criminal factions aren't perfect either: gangbangers are overly sensitive dumbasses who get themselves into trouble over dumb shit like Facebrowser beef. I've seen criminals deliberately target people who fit the "mallrat" bill just because of the general OOC dislike of those types of characters.. it certainly isn't realistic, and I know a lot of people who are guilty of both this and copbaiting because they are bored. Obviously criminals need to temper themselves too, more fists and less bullets. Beat someone up instead of shooting them, that way the RP goes on longer and IC resentment actually builds up rather than drama that amounts to: "someone shittalks on Facebrowser, they get killed for it, cops turn the corner and arrest/shoot the suspect, rinse and repeat" - obviously this doesn't apply to criminals who are entrenched in storylines. Basically I feel like all the "gang gang do drugs fuck bitches" types go out of their way to antagonize literally anyone they come across who isn't in their gang or isn't their friend OOC. It's fucking annoying. I can't really add anything else that Henning hasn't already said, this is just based on my experience of silently watching both sides since August 2019.
  20. Giles

    Maybe this is something that should be discussed further then with the LEO side of things, constructively of course. I don't know quite know what their internal rules are with regards to the above stated hypothetical population. I feel that they shouldn't be approaching the area as if there are only gang members. A high concentration, sure, but not 100% gang members. This should be taken into account when riding through an area and enforced through faction management and role play quality standards. As you said, there should be some room to breathe and grow, within limits of course. To address your other points though, the slow downs are very common in high crime areas and even in lower crime areas. I used to live in a more affluent neighborhood in southern Florida and a cop followed me into my own neighborhood because it was 4 in the morning, even lighting me up to ask what I was doing driving around the area lol. That happens all too often. I understand your points though and I agree that there should be some discussion about the fact that there aren't a lot of civilians in the area, but PD should be role playing as such and allow people to go on with their lives accordingly. Not everyone who lives in the area should be regarded as a gang member right off the bat. I'm not suggesting PD officers purposefully act naive or clueless, but show some discretion for the sake of building potential RP between legal / illegal RP'ers in the area outside of shootout after shootout. I think this goes in line with a suggested idea for PD officers to have larger knowledge of the gangs that operate in the area (related tattoos presented in RP, areas of operation, turf, etc). IC'ly, gang units & detectives should be having meetings with patrol officers to discuss these things and keep them more informed, on a need to know basis of course. Just enough so that they aren't clueless. IRL, this is sometimes called Roll Call, where all officers on shift meet and someone addresses them with specific subjects to work on, think about, etc. LEO members please chime in here if this is already done. I honestly do not know.
  21. Henning

    You raise some valid points, I appreciate your constructive approach. Your right that with a hypothetical civilian population living in South Central alongside the players that make up the civilians AND gangbangers already on server, it makes sense considering the high volume of shootings at this time that PD would have increased patrols in the area. however as stated in the OP, PD needs to give these factions and players room to breathe and grow. The fact is there is a very little for civilian population in the south side (although the recent crip faction seems to be doing some things to change that) and without PD RPing this hypothetical civilian population, they treat every player like a suspect. Walking down the street? Warrants a slow down. chilling outside your house? “Speedtraps” so they can watch you. Its unfair to the criminal RPers, especially smaller factions and players just starting, to be under the constant scrutiny of PD because there aren’t any civilians to make you blend in. However I think the PD is going to start becoming stretched very thin, “Gang” factions are now located in Vespucci, Vinewood, Del Perro, and Morningwood. Alongside pretty developed OC factions in Vinewood, Vespucci Morningwood and Little Seoul. The “fear” RP PD has been showing has been abysmal recently. They’ll watch you from across the street and as soon as you walk towards them they’ll speed off, making them more of an annoyance then another person your RPing with, fear or not. Oh and how about PD just automatically having AR’s out in every situation on the south side? That’s entirely unrealistic, your not gonna approach EVERY situation with an AR. You realize how upset that would make the civilian population? I’m surprised there haven’t been more IC riots.
  22. Basko

    Selling for 5 Deludamol Rumpo. Van's are in good condition, insured, registered and excellent for industrial use. Price : 45,000/car Contact: [email protected] (( Forum PM ))
  23. Spider X3

  24. Brett

    Can you please provide some examples of "reforms," that have been talked about? I am curious to see exactly what they believe should be reformed at least with PD here, to see how this side of roleplay views the other side.
  25. Shekh

    Good shit, not alot of people can pull off rping at young ages
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