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  2. Making GTA:O characters has become a bit of a hobby of mine born out of boredom. Some have been used, are in use, or might get used in the future. Others are just for fun. People who have seen them liked them so I figured I'd share. Enjoy. Roy Capra Rocco from Alderney Carmelo from Strawberry "Camel" Billy the Bull Young Paisa Peckerwood Ray Liotta Lookalike Old Money WASP Mob Boss Nino Narco
  3. Gevorg_Mghdesyan

  4. MomoIsHere

    28.05.2020: Throw Up I did a few days ago, forgot to post: https://imgur.com/nYKP6d4 It hurts: https://imgur.com/P0l059K
  5. Sacred

    The homies.
  6. Sacred

    Always quality stuff coming from this thread.
  7. Gevorg_Mghdesyan

  8. Chef

    Gjëja jonë.
  9. Chef

    Good faction to have around for gang members looking to develop their character a step further. Keep it going guys.
  10. Seasniff

    forget to remember screenshotting text gang
  11. Bek

    Good stuff guys! Keep it up.
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  13. Timzii

    Yes, if you own a property it should consist of paying for utilities, same as for the vehicle which has maintenance and insurance. BIG support.
  14. Today
  15. Morgan

    I get it that we take inspiration from California and LA but realism does not mean imitation, and we can have realism without the need to imitate everything about California and LA. We can shape our world to work for us.
  16. Gambrino

  17. Marksman

    San Andreas takes great influence from its real life counter-part, California. But they are two seperate entities. Many things depend on what is best for a roleplay server.
  18. Five-oh

    I just never enjoyed the process of paying for imaginary items. Like, I'll be fine with paying actual money for a mechanic for working on my car, but only because the vehicle ends up (actually) being modified. I however don't find thorough mechanical rp interesting in the slightest, similarly to how I wouldn't be intrigued by someone pumping out /mes about working on my house's electricity or plumbing. If the party's willing to engage in conversation with my character throughout, it's a bit less stale for me personally. But I understand, that managing the manual labor, along with holding a conversation can be a bit taxing - which is why I suspect laborers usually wanna get it over with asap. I actually find it interesting, that people would be willing to spend real currency, on imaginary things of value, as opposed to offering imaginary currency and suggesting not actually paying script-wise. With that said, roleplaying the really (imo) mundane parts of life doesn't really interest me as a player. Let's say I wouldn't pay the bills, and the lights would be cut, I couldn't care less. I don't spend my time on having my character cook at home or vacuuming. And I've always had the theory that, while lots of players like to applaud other players dedicating themselves to roleplaying the more mundane things of life, there usually isn't much of an audience actually participating in the long run. tl;dr I think this concept would die out really quickly, besides the mandatory bits players would be forced to engage in (say, you lose your house if you don't pay bill x). So it's a strong no, from me. I would suggest offering repair or manual labor services in game. I presume you'll find little to no actual interest in the topic.
  19. MChavera

    San Andreas and Cali are two different things, and should be treated as such. (Paraphrased) Thats why weed is still criminalized on the server.
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