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  2. Oso Eli

    This thread will showcase the portrayal of a 16-17 year old high school drop-out who jumps from house to house. He does anything to get money such as credit card fraud, dealing of drugs, and things of that nature. He lives with his older cousin 'Tivonte Curry' after getting kicked out the house due to his insubordination, and his suspension for carrying drugs to school.
  3. kAMBINO

  4. jop

    bunch of brown gangsters, and george morales
  5. I am looking to purchase a business in and around Sandy Shores. Please send me an email with any offers, all considered.
  6. Trap-Money Scooby

    The Local Weed Man.
  7. Today
  8. E. Flores

  9. shiroq

  10. This is definitely one of my favorite character stories by far.
  11. DanneBRE

    I appreciate the love.
  12. BrokenWings

    This is straight fire 🔥 take it far 💯
  13. Yesterday
  14. Jura

    Offering $230,000.
  15. Timzii

    Please send me some pictures of the exterior and interior on my private message.
  16. $lappy

    erica and alexis kick it with bloods from bounty hunters
  17. Law

    Name: Anon Comment: Starting offer of $215,000
  18. Nizar

    Y'all doing your thing.
  19. Nizar

    Got my eyes on it, recent media has been clean.
  20. Benny Black

    Friends in East Vinewood
  21. Benny Black

    Friends in East Vinewood
  22. smaxY

    10th Hawick Avenue, asking only 75k
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