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  2. Yakuza roleplay is kinda ehhh, mainly because (from what im led to understand) so little is known about them due to how secretive they are, they're more secretive and organized than even gangs like MS-13 are from what I'm led to believe. But if you feel you know enough, gather some cunts up and give applying for the faction a try bruh, the worst FM can tell you is no. It's alleged that they operate in cali so in my opinion I dont think there'd be much you'd have to worry about if you knew your shit and gave it a try.
  3. @Shanks Always helpful when I've had him 🙂
  4. Rum

    K-Town 깡패

    풍부한 녹색 Bountiful Green
  5. @Bash was also a super cool guy ig and on the forums. I appreciate all that he does.
  6. It could be something conflicting, have you tried moving your Rage install to your SSD? And checked if any programs listed in the post above are running? How about the performance on 1.1 too?
  7. Today
  8. I thank you both kindly, but I was recently removed so that is all history, I do thank the community for the love and support that I did receive during my tenure. Farewell
  9. One of the only forms of organized crime I could see myself doing. Just a shame it's always been rather niché
  10. these two weren't by me, but relates none the less.
  11. It was fun while it lasted guys. Here's a couple from the day. Sad it had to end due to OOC bs.
  12. Will have to archive this character due unserious leadership. Was a short but gd run.
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