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  1. Past hour
  2. Chucky

    I will keep posting screens from time to time since Keith pretty much doesn't go out a lot due to IC issues, I will keep posting once it's done.
  3. Today
  4. arkan

    hustle till my shoes hurt
  5. ((Various tags and throw ups would seem to be appearing around the Little Seoul and La Puerta area)) [This thread will follow the progression of an unknown graffiti writer in LS writing the name Ner]
  6. Fraggloid

    Vehicle sold.
  7. California

  8. 2239 Bay City Ave Outside Interior Asking for $75,000 Phone Number: 94652542
  9. yvng

    looks interesting, good luck man
  10. Rayy

    Agreed, Simple suggestion that can help admins and players. The Ads seem to be a gray area of whats allowed and not. See some people getting kicked for using multiple types of ad's(Bads, Cads, Ads at once) and then I see some completely get away with it. Really annoying when you're trying to get a ad out. "Yes, it’s legal to pay someone to be your date. However, if you later pay an escort to have sex with you then you’ve crossed a line into prostitution. This is a crime in California. Sometimes known as solicitation for prostitution, it’s illegal to either act as a prostitute or to ask or induce anyone else to do so." From my understanding, the Ad's should be RP'd as ones you'd see on Radios, and TVs aka family friendly ones.
  11. GarenMain

    Dude on right aint done /hidegun 24 lololololol
  12. StoneFire

    Actually this happened to me when I started as well, and it frustrated me very much. I can't really blame the second reviewer there was flaws to my application, but the first reviewer only listed a few problems and I fixed those just to have the second one list endlessly. Don't know how the process could be made better though.
  13. Gustavs

    Fully modded?
  14. FlowN

    I can give you 35.
  15. FlowN

    135 is my only offer.
  16. usaidude

    I have one that I'll let go for around 70.
  17. Alfonso_Chavarria

  18. Funkersnap

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