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  2. Can someone lock this thread? This shit is fucking whack.
  3. Username: TEEZY213 Comment: This goldie bitch got a fat ass ** IP will lead to his house because he's not a pussy **
  4. Shiro

    [SOLD] -

    No sorry, its an old listing that I forgot to update
  5. I agree with both sides arguments but to be the devil advocate. If you're arguing that there shouldn't be any gangs in Vespucci you're a monkey, but I will say that the argument of more accurate of portrayal of illegal factions in that area should not be swept under the rug. I'm not saying it's valid or not but it should definitely be taken into consideration when rping in that area, furthermore. I also think that GTA W although being based on Los Angeles and the outer areas it's creating it's own living history. What once may be a thriving crime free populace it can increase in crime due to ic events etc, let the politicians address it, the cops all that. If people are poorly portraying a faction report them, report the faction. A public thread like this is not the way to go about it.
  6. We’ve explained it to you 300 times already but you refuse to listen so I’ll just stop commenting here. While you guys roleplay some romantic lesbian relationship we’ll keep on with our shooting and stabbing, sound good?
  7. What you meant was: That's how it is in real life. Infested with gang bangers and violent people who rob you, and haven't killed anyone in a year. Fixed.
  8. That’s how it is in real life. Infested with gang bangers and violent people who rob you, and kill you if you don’t give them what they want.
  9. Today
  10. In no way am I targeting your faction or all gangs that RP in Vespucci. Its clearly a few bad ones giving others a bad name. I have actually looked through your faction thread and most likely ran into some of your members at some point as most of my interactions with gang members in vespucci go smoothly once they realise I'm just a local civilian and treat them with respect which is what I personally advice most locals to do. I personally would just like the area to be portrayed a little more realistically to how it is as in the end while civilians and gang members might not be close IC we all RP in the same area and all most likely want to see the area continue to thrive and keep people coming on on all sides to RP not drive people out. As for the e-romance comment I can assure you not all civilians are here for that or into it, some of us just wanna RP a non violent character.
  11. Well in the first place I didn't know that this topic will bring so much heat, and tought it would be a normal discussion. I posted the topic to get some opinions on the roleplay thats taking place in Vespucci but it turned out into a heated argument between illegal and legal roleplayers. Calling the police IG didn't really help because all the time I told them to send some units to patrol I was told "You are not the one telling us what to do". I get the Solid is willing to cooperate and I appreciate that, I'll inform him in the future if anything like this happens with evidence and names and we can figure it out without making much hastle as this thread made.
  12. I don't really think you should be posting a general discussion thread because of that. There's much more efficient and less public methods of getting such issues revolved. Perhaps, call the police ingame or speak to the management of the faction who you're complaining about OOCly? It seems @SOLID24 is more than willing to cooperate with you. This whole thread was a major waste of everyone's time, in my opinion.
  13. It happened to me maybe two months ago, at the time my char owned a Paragon and I had no contact with the gang, they just randomly came up to me and started acting really aggresive, I tried to de-escalate things but somehow it got to the point where I got shot and put in the trunk of my Paragon, and the main reason I posted this topic now is that now I have tenants there and I've gotten texts from them that they are constantly getting attacked my some mexican dudes as soon as they go for a walk on the beach.
  14. “If It happens again” AKA it didn’t happen, or your guys decided to yell a racial slur at one of the gang members for no reason (has happened to me several times)
  15. Dog, I don't really know why everyone is actually getting into a debate with you because it is really obvious that you don't know shit about what you're talking about. Just do your research, google or whatever that's the least thing you can do before you just complain about something. Have you even read about gangs in Venice Beach, LA? Guess not so I'm not gonna bother debating
  16. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone and I'm not saying it was from your gang, but I'll hapily provide you info if it happens again to me or any of my friends/tenants so we can sort it out. I was talking about the general experience for living there and didn't know this topic will bring that much heat.
  17. When have you been PK’ed for living in Vespucci exactly
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