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  2. Well nobody has explained the hiring process, and based on PREVIOUS replies law wasn't taught to officers. Hearing now that they do have some form of law training that do 100% pertain to the job, it's what I would expect for a RP server.
  3. Hey that's me! It's awesome to RP with you too, Chroma!
  4. @LizziePup @DasSandvich @Sabess @Mishka @Mfinda @Charlesvito @Jesu1 @Jeroen @celestialrage @Mediva @Misuraca @Codac @Dom. @Gracemeria @Sidewinder @Nightmare Night @vika All these people are rad and I like roleplaying with them, I probably missed out on more that I don't know the forum names of
  5. @Rum @ChromaticDeath @Magnetom Otis Hopkins Mayer O'Doyle
  6. This is still up for sale for the same price. 75.000$
  8. Today
  9. AAAWWWWWWWW. Amaraaaaaaa 😍 This is juicy, though... 👀
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