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  2. ashamar

    Best thing to do is to place each note into a car or property as you create it. They will stack and then you can pick the stack up after you are finished with the blank notes.
  3. lordcumiring

  4. leave the neighborhood
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  6. lordcumiring

  7. Valeriya

    I love this ❤️
  8. Valeriya

  9. Thread

    It's not an easy game. Play as an assistant for a while before you jump in any other role. You'll never master the game, so just pick a role/job you want to learn and focus on that.
  10. Retired Marine. Went through hell and fire in the Gulf War. Went through the tides of a divorce. Decades of service for the good citizens of Los Santos. Will trash be the final straw? Real waste collection. Intense sanitation. Severe consequences.
  11. Benny Black

  12. Nervous

    Feature Showcase: Corpses Information When killing a player, his corpse will remain on the ground (even after /acceptdeath)! You're be able to: Drag the corpse around Lift the corpse into a vehicle Drop the corpse into the water Destroy a vehicle containing a corpse (burn it for example) Bring the corpse to a funeral Bring the corpse to the morgue & much more! Dragging the corpse around is painful and difficult : the animation system allows us to replicate the struggle you would experience. Usage Just press Y next to a corpse to start dragging it! If you're next to a vehicle, it'll open a menu where you can either drag the corpse or place it into a trunk.
  13. aldo

    18TH C-DAY (lost chat logs)
  14. BrokenWings

    This is lit 🔥
  15. Bogatyr

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