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  2. TheAlcoholic27

    Welp, I'm all outta reactions for the day, apparently. So posting instead. I'm really digging the screenies and the stories they're portraying! Awesome concept and best of luck with your faction's future!
  3. Franelli

  4. Today
  5. taylor

  6. Accepted for x1 combatpistol, x27 pistol ammo. Report IG in order to finalize the request.
  7. Refund requests will not be accepted without evidence unless there's a really good reason behind it. Denied on that note.
  8. Firesky

    I had an issue similar to yours turns out it was RivaTuner Statistics Server overlay from MSI Afterburner that was causing this issue, even if I had the overlay disabled, simply having it load up with windows would cause this issue even after killing the process, I had to rename the .exe from Rivatuner in order to use MSI Afterburner without it triggering, but if it ain't the case, do you have any overlay software activated? If so try disabling them.
  9. Willing to accept the request for 250k. The money is strictly for the church and expenses related to it and nothing else. Good luck.
  10. AzraelTheGreat

  11. Simon_McKnight

    Another guy was having an issue, he went there to ask for support but got no reply so I didn't try. We both were suggested there at the same time but I'm gonna try it tomorrow as I don't have any time right now.
  12. TeodoraMk

    Screenshots on point. Great faction.
  13. Franelli

    Archived. Let me know if you're still facing issues.
  14. Archived. Let me know if you're still facing issues.
  15. Rukka

    As long as you give me sarcastic replies I'll post your funds if you want to go that way. Locked until I make a decision.
  16. Crocker

  17. OrosOros

    The faction bank, money in my bank, properties have nothing to do with this. The character I portray is poor. The faction bank has nothing to do with my character, the money that goes into that is from members of the faction that have been doing business and I'd appreciate if you didn't publicly state how much was in there. My actual script wealth has no correlation to the character I'm portraying, a poor girl from the hood who does what she can to make money and get by. Besides, 18k is a very low amount of money considering the economy of GTA World, so if I was going to roleplay that my character actually has 18k in the bank, that's still very little. The two properties I own also have no value, when one of them is ICly owned by a relative of my character, the other ICly owned by a relative of another persons character. As for robbing someone at the docks I've been robbed in similar places in the past, the location isn't listed in the crime free zones and the robbery took place early in the morning (5 AM), so if we are to roleplay that it's busy, it'd be fairly quiet considering it'd be off peak hours at the docks. However, rule 2.0 also states "You are not allowed to roleplay a non-player character." and wouldn't that also be what this is classed under? Essentially the area is being roleplayed that it's busy and full of traffic. It's clear there's confusion on how the rules work here, which is why I said that Lazarus should post a rule suggestion. @Rukka
  18. Nervous

    What did Rage discord support answered? They're the ones that will definitely be the most useful to help you.
  19. Simon_McKnight

    Didn't help, I had the latest updates already.
  20. The vehicle is taxed as of December 16th, 2018. Mint condition, has maximum performance mods, some body mods. Looking for $180,000. Reply to the thread or contact me at 3785965 if interested.
  21. Franelli

    Should be okay now, let me know if you are facing any trouble accessing the UCP @kriss697. Archived.
  22. Franelli

    I have received your private message and your character background story seems to be okay and up to our standards. I will have you unbanned shortly. Please make sure to complete the application form using your own words without relying on external sources.
  23. Nervous

    Update 1.3.2a Additions Added /sniffdrugs and /sniffguns to K9's dog (instead of /sniff only) Added /equipment heavypistol for LSPD Business icons will now show on the map even If the business is inside a property Changes Updated the /fines structure to display who the fine was issued by and the date of issue Updated /call usage syntax to be more readable 911 calls no longer display to off duty non-command members Fixes Pets will now properly work again Police vehicles sirens are now synchronized again Fixed a bug with ammo in customization stores New Rage update: Connection lost upon connection should now be fixed!
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