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  2. St3fan[NL]

  3. Fine craftwork by Benefactor up for sale! Timeless, beautiful design featuring a V12 engine which runs like a Swiss watch. Guaranteed to break necks once you go for a cruise in the streets. This luxorious sedan will take you from point A to B without any inconviniences, perfect cruise machine which will make you forget the existence of the bumpy roads in the State of San Andreas. The car is in fairly stock condition with few exeptions, it has an aftermarket exhaust system to make the exhaust note even better! Light window tint applied to protect the beautiful, red leather interior, from the rough sun. Best available aftermarket alarm and lock system and best performance wise mods! The taxes on this fine engineering marvel are $9'000.- a week, but you'll be guaranteed to forget about it once you sit in the car and go for a drive. Price I'm asking is $210'000.- I'm also open for interesting trade offers! Contact me through private messages or try to text/call me at 2953396. I will answer whenever I'm around.
  4. St3fan[NL]

    Current Bid: $0Buyout: $72.000
  5. St3fan[NL]

    Current Bid: $0Buyout: $42.300
  6. BlondeX

    515 grands
  7. Fenrir

    Added a couple more tips on roleplaying an outlaw biker.
  8. Today
  9. SHANG.

    wtf happened in man city v tottenham hahah omg
  10. Character name: Lina Monroe UCP name: Havana (Discord name?): Ryder#3149  Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 1624 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 3221 West Mirror Drive Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Backdoor
  11. SHANG.

    i’m lsrp evader with 9 bans and endless ooc jails
  12. nwhatifyourhomiedead?

    best mc around rn!!!
  13. Fenrir

  14. SHANG.

    My pc is a potato but it runs GTA V.
  15. Durry

    ❤️ing this
  16. Conway

    bro how tf do you play i consider mine pretty meh when it comes to gta 5 My specs right now: i7 7700 Kaby Lake (ty for carrying the rest of my pc u da real mvp) Asus ATI Radeon RX460 Dual OC 2GB x2 4GB Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 Asus H110M series mobo 1TB Western Digital Blue HDD I've recently ordered some new parts which are much needed: Asus Strix Nvidia GTX1060 6GB Crucial BX500 480gb SSD
  17. Spider-Mayne

    Sangre nueva, nuestra sangre
  18. JoeSlice

    I've changed this characters name.
  19. CouthInk4

    BUYING! Looking to purchase a newer model Vapid Dominator GTX! - Must be the GTX version and not the older model. Not fussed if it's upgraded or stock standard, Just looking for the vehicle itself. under 150k is preferred however send through what you have and your price and I'll get back to you! 😄
  20. SupSupreme

    Couldn't bring a better example than that lol.
  21. Westen

    Police pursuits are monitored by supervisors to prevent it from getting too out of hand. I wholeheartedly guarantee that the majority of criminals, should they be allowed to speak in VOIP, would have nothing valuable and it quickly turn into "WHAT THE FUCK RAM HIM RAM HIM WHERE'S THE HELICOPTER AHH WHAT THE FUCK".
  22. N E W S & U P D A T E S We Are HIRING! Are you in need of employment? Well, we're hiring qualified entry-level pawnbrokers! Offering part-time employment with a competitive salary to individuals who're ready to work in a friendly relaxed environment! [ [ Some Sales & Customer Service Experience Required // Retail Is A Plus! ] ] Do you think you got what it takes? Click HERE to apply today!
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