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  2. The Los Santos Protests Callie Palencia Los Santos faced extensive rioting and protests, LSNN photographers was in the front lines. Los Santos News and it's partners have been working hard to cover the protests, today we're releasing our content to the public to help further the discussion. We thank Yellow and Emilia Russo for providing us the images to use in our publications. Davis Riots Fire Station in Davis locked down, Deputies and Fire Department members are on scene. - Los Santos News Riot Control Officers standing their ground in Davis. - Los Santos News A wounded Fire Department Public Information Officer and two deputies. - Yellow. Off duty Firefighter observing the damage to the Fire Station the following day. Carson Avenue Riots The protests was kicked up a notch in Carson, Rancho, with violence shown towards the press and SD alike. A rioter wielding a hammer, heavy damage in the background. City Hall City Hall had its fair share of protests and violent moments. Rioters damaging vehicles, multiple people are down in this image. LSPD swarming in to control the scene Mission Row Protests Many more pictures can be found below. LSPD, FD and SD provided statements on the riots. [FD] [PD] [SD] For our full photo archive, click [HERE] Additional Links Yellow's Photographs Yellow's Facebrowser Emilia Russo's photographs lsnn.gta.world
  3. As stated in the original post. Any complaints feel free to contact us and we will happily look into them. This thread is simply for questions for us to be able to answer and I'm requesting you keep on that topic. A lot of what you have stated is also seriously misinformed, feel free to reach out to me and I would happily look into your concerns further. As for reports, which although you have stressed it's a game (quite frankly that is correct and this shouldn't be a stress to anyone) and also you have stated they need to have an increase in report writing and quality. Report writing quality is something we are working on, focusing on improving the content with Police training and education division. We have a course developed and about to run for just that. We have spoken with the guys in JSA and also developed a report writing quality checking service. So, if an officer is caught with terrible report writing, part of this could be a remedial training punishment which would go through these steps. Something our FTP system really focuses on.
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  6. 4SALE! Single bedroom apartment, with decent size living room. One street away from beach. Pictures - Property Information - MP - $100,000 Starting Price - $150,000 Buyout - $200,000
  7. 4SALE! Beautiful, spacious looking trailer in Sandy Shores. Trailer includes a spacious front yard, beautiful looking living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and office. Located across from Sandy Shores Ammunition. Pictures - Property Information - MP - $35,000 Starting Price - $100,000 Buyout - $150,000
  8. 4SALE! Beautiful Slavic looking apartment in West Vinewood - San Vitus Boulevard. It has a nice and comfy living room, Slavic designed bedroom, kitchen and a shower. On top of that, apartment has a private underground parking. Pictures - Property Information - MP - $115,000 Starting Price - $200,000 Buyout - $300,000 ((or offers))
  9. ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Meteor Gentlemen’s Club Hiring: Exotic Dancers We are currently looking for both experienced & inexperienced dancers! We are happy to help you learn and grow in the club environment. If you are interested please contact us at SMS #19210 or email [email protected] ((forum pms)).
  10. fixed it - was an enb causing me to crash, however it doesn't cause issues for other players on gta:w idk why me 😞
  11. (( This property is not to be sold pending an investigation. We'll be in contact with you regarding some details soon. ))
  12. The link is broken can it be updated? @Firesky
  13. How much you looking for it? ((OOC stats please?))
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