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  2. I tried to open a small building maintenance/repairs/construction company but there's literally no demand for it at all.
  3. YeetDaBeat

    12.0 Crime-free Areas It is not permitted to commit crimes or to provoke players within crime free areas. However it is allowed to continue the crime if the roleplay was initiated somewhere else. Crime free areas include the following locations: Government buildings (such as police and fire stations, the prison and city hall). Banks (ATM's not included) Airport Customization feature (the player is considered INSIDE the building) Ammunation area
  4. State agents, Sheriff's Department, realistic car guys when it comes to factions. Now, for the sake of immersion and uniqueness I would /really/ love to see civilian characters with realistic (and possibly even NPC'd for the sake of development) jobs, like IRS, lawn maintenance companies, construction, nurses and doctors, car salesmen, investors, contractors, etc and realistic lives, legal or majorly legal, with a normal mid range or any car depending on their IC wealth and not their bank account in /stats, normal house, wife/husband or kids, either real players or NPC'd. Pretty much like the majority of people are IRL n etc etc. People should really stop thinking of their character as just a character with one purpose, be it a gangster, cop, medic, or whatnot and think of him/her as a realistic person, being a cop, medic, judge or whatnot is just a part of someone's life n not the entirety of it. (feel free to call me full of shit but this is just how I feel)
  5. Schaap0229

    We pull up, extended clips, hollows, and blickies, go through 'em like that!
  6. Today
  7. Omerta

  8. Bogatyr

  9. Bogatyr

  10. Modesty

    Daddy arresting bad people
  11. MoCityDon

  12. hillbilly /ˈhɪlbɪli/ noun NORTH AMERICAN 1. INFORMAL•DEROGATORY an unsophisticated country person, as associated originally with the remote regions of the Appalachians. This would in the first place make this hard to accomplish, as people don't just live in the hills the same way they used to. Some are still trying to and trying to stick true to the old ways, but quite a bit has changed, also leading to change of the people. We do have a few factions, trying to accomplish something similar, being hillbilly/redneck/white trash groups to some extent. But to actually be a hillbilly, you'd have to RP having "hill" in your blood and be able to trace your origin to a specific area and family for it to be a legit claim to other 'billies. I am not trying to advertise my own faction, but we are mostly comprised of hillbillies, rednecks and a small minority of white trash, and we often try to stick to the nature or our own small parcel and do countryside things, only spending a minimal amount of time actively taking part of crime, as we don't believe it's actually realistic to do nothing but crime 24/7, especially not for a faction like ours.
  13. I would like to see a faction like Scarface or Godfather.. DM for serious inquiries!!!
  14. Chucky

  15. Stan Loona and stan @aloegarten

  16. Dashing

    These are really well done. Good job homie
  17. Keep the thread itself on the topic at hand. Don't target other groups or individuals.
  18. damn thas crazy anyways stan loona @Morning

  19. Brox26

    Good shit
  20. YourGuts

    Around this time tomorrow
  21. I would not mind some snowflakes Antifa running around and demanding social justice. Would be fun throwing bottles at them.
  22. Jura

    When would you be free to conduct the sale?
  23. YourGuts

    I'll take it.
  24. Jura

    In that case I offer you $110,000.
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