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  2. Pollster

    You came back and changed your posts, but you didn’t answer anyone about the broadcast you were supposed to do for “transparency”. Such a scam, please no one else fall for this.
  3. Username: keinanW Comment: i love how some of the women complaining about being harassed here fail to mention how they've themselves been responsible for it. you cant go around "exposing" people then cry when someone does it back to you.
  4. Chloe Castle

    Oh man sorry for the late respond. But I did that and it brought to messages to "1" now.
  5. ankeraw21

    I applied
  6. Today
  7. wickedsource

  8. AceS|

  9. Chef

  10. Chef

  11. zaXer.

    Looking to buy a dubsta, send offers 1922
  12. Getting tired of the same music over and over again? Here's the change! #thedungeon will be having Nostalgia Night this Friday, 00s hits we all loved!
  13. Circa

  14. Esco™

    screens looking sharp as always
  15. dani054

    Much love. The RP is so dope already. Can't wait until we got more people enjoying that shit ic...
  16. BlondeX


  18. I advertised to legally buy a firearm and was kicked, there seems to be a lot of unwritten rules not in the rules section we can't possibly know about. Could this be specified in the rules section please Private firearm sales in america are common, that's one of the leading ways of exchanging firearms between citizens due to their being a lack of regulation.
  19. akari

    my favourite thing about akari and kalani's friendship (and by extension, akari and danny's) is that if either kalani or danny found out the truth, all hell would break loose. 😃
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