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  1. Past hour
  2. Hanred

    People who roleplay their jobs. Even though you wouldn't pay attention to that job in real life they make it so interesting that you would have fun reading how they fix motor of a car.
  3. adamplayer

    Seeing business men that own clubs and expensive luxurious sports car say they've got to go to do their 24/7 shift.
  4. WolfieLULZ

    banned for +1'ing the person who banned me
  5. Lmao

    Banned for trying to CK Conti
  6. Gueto

    Wall Banging I Wall Banging II
  7. pateuvasiliu

    It's not GTA itself, it runs fine in single player. It's RAGE with a lot of players on.
  8. Today
  9. WolfieLULZ

    banned cause of racial talk
  10. iamfailtacular

    Updated; Bidding will conclude today at 17:00 EST.
  11. Cascade

    Vinewood? Here's me thinking she was worth something in the Hills!
  12. Gall

  13. Gall

    banned cause esé mexicano esé trece
  14. Tennplugg

    banned cuz of gf
  15. Also has a garage with it
  16. WolfieLULZ

    Can be locked and archived.
  17. aldo

  18. Viva Colombia

    We need you BACK.
  19. The car comes completely stock with less than 100 miles on the clock. Registered and two weeks of insurance remaining. $130,000 ONO (Or Nearest Offer)
  20. Captain

    Shouts out to Vertido.
  21. Zane_Field

    As an addition... No one knows that the business is unregistered unless they are either directly involved and knowingly doing so, or a license official does a cursory check.... Let's not pretend that if a licensing official OOCly instructed people to stop violating our business code, that official would eventually be Ajailed... Hypocrisy at best dontcha think..
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